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An affordable, highly effective pay-as-you-go outsourced recruitment & HR solution.

We know you need to be free to get on with what you do best. That’s why Harrison McMillan has created an affordable, transparent and highly effective Pay-As-You-Go outsourced recruitment and human resourcing solution for Australian organisations. We have built a strong reputation in South Australia as a recruitment agency with a difference, tailoring recruitment strategies to meet the needs of your business through our unique Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model.

Our Adelaide-based team of experienced recruiters and HR professionals believe in providing a recruitment and selection service based on collaboration and open communication. Acting like an internal recruitment team, we’re able to identify and hire the right people to fit seamlessly into your teams.

The success of our recruiting solutions is based on the access we offer clients to leading technologies, processes, networks and recruitment selection expertise, delivered by our dedicated Recruitment Partners on fixed cost hourly rates and set service level agreements to achieve proven results.

Unlike other recruitment and outsourced HR firms, we’re a specialist recruiter that provides a flexible, a la carte menu of recruitment and HR services. This transparent approach allows you to pick and choose the services you need, so we can fully personalise a flexible HR and recruitment solution that aligns with your requirements and budget. That way you only pay for what you need!

Harrison McMillan seeks to add value by being a genuine part of your business and a reliable source of regular recruitment and HR expertise, without the expense of hiring additional staff members or using expensive external recruitment agencies and providers. Let our expert team be your trusted partner and take advantage of the recruitment strategies that will help your business grow.

What sets our recruitment services apart?

No Candidate Percentage Placement Fees

Harrison McMillan is disrupting the recruitment and selection industry by never charging candidate placement fees. Instead, we work on an hourly rate recruitment model, where our flexible services you need.  We can work recruitment and HR support services are charged by the hour, so you only pay for the recruitment with you to customise recruiting solutions that fit your needs and budget. Additionally, if you wish to hire more than one person, you won’t be charged for the same recruitment selection process twice. Instead, only pay for the extra recruitment services you require.

Affordable Recruitment & HR Expertise on Demand

Our team of expert, highly experienced Recruitment Partners behave like your in-house Human Resources team, providing on-demand recruitment services for your recruitment and HR needs. Our transparent, pay-as-you-go recruitment and outsourced HR solution is ideal if you’re looking for an affordable, flexible service that can respond quickly and efficiently to your changing recruitment strategies.

Flexible Recruitment & HR Services

We understand that there are parts of the recruitment process you may like to complete yourself and others that you need to outsource to a recruitment partner. As one of the top RPO recruiters in Australia, Harrison McMillan offers you a complete outsourced recruiting solution or, as an alternative, you can opt for a more flexible human resourcing approach, selecting from a variety of recruitment services – such as background checking or reference checking – and only paying for what you need. Each step of the recruitment process is broken down into a separate component that can be delivered by our recruitment partners in consultation with you, based on set service level agreements, costs and timeframes.

Transparent Process

Our recruitment process and HR services are highly transparent. You can oversee and control the entire recruitment service process or leave it in our expert hands. From every recruitment consultant through to our recruitment partners, each aspect of our collaboration with you is built on trust and integrity. Rest assured that a recruiting solution is always implemented with your input and open communication.

Sourcing Expertise

Harrison McMillan is a recruitment consultancy well known for our broad talent pools. You can take advantage of our specialist recruitment sourcing expertise, wide networks and market intelligence to help you strategically identify and hire top talent.  We have a proven track record as one of Australia’s leading recruiting firms who achieve great results for our clients to fill any executive or specialist talent voids.

Repeatable & Scalable Solution

Our recruiting solutions and outsourced HR services are designed to seamlessly fit with your company’s current processes. At the same time, you can draw on our flexible recruitment systems, including state of the art, cloud-based pre-recorded video interview technology. This ensures you have a repeatable, scalable and affordable recruiting solution that does not compromise on quality, maximising your efficiency as a business.

Why Harrison McMillan?

Led by Directors Jodi Walton and Dani Cuff, Harrison McMillan’s team of dedicated, highly experienced Adelaide-based recruitment and HR experts are here to help with all your talent attraction and retention needs.

We are a recruiting firm who pride ourselves on successfully delivering affordable recruitment and human resourcing projects in an efficient and timely manner without compromising on quality. Unlike many other recruiting agencies and outsourced HR agencies, our transparent, flexible approach to billing ensures you have control over the process and only pay for what you need. With Harrison McMillan as your recruitment agency of choice, you can focus on steering your business in the right direction and leave the recruitment strategies to us!

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