5 Things You Need to Have When Working From Home!

5 things you need to have when working from home!

Working from home is great for deep work and concentration. It gives you the flexibility to pick your hours and to eliminate travel time. While studies have shown that working from home can increase productivity, for some people it takes a lot of will power and strength to be able to stay on task outside of the office. If you are considering working from home, check out these tips from our team that work at home!

  1. A willing and flexible workplace/job (some roles don’t lend to working from home, do you have client meetings every day? Or are you in a customer facing role? Then working from home probably isn’t going to suit you. You will also need to permission and agreeance from your workplace. This may mean signing a working from home agreement or a compliance checklist. Either way you should always check if it is within your companies’ policies.
  1. A fabulous and practical home office. This means you need a quite space where you can close the door if required. You will need a good workspace set up including: a desk, chair, suitable monitor and a good internet connection. Without any of these you won’t be as productive at home as you are at work and it won’t work out.
  2. A busy and structured day. If you don’t have structure around your day it will be harder to concentrate with those dirty dishes staring at you in the sink. Make sure that you plan your day according to all of the work you need to get done, and even schedule it out in your diary.
  3. Plan to take breaks. Working from home is all about flexibility and trust. Your workplace obviously trusts you to get the work done at home, so you actually need to do it, and taking breaks, for lunch or to do washing will help you focus when you are work. You would take breaks in the office so why wouldn’t you at home?
  4. Motivation and strong will power. Working at home surrounded by dirty dishes and Netflix can be tempting for a lot of people. Taking advantage of the flexibility could be your biggest downfall. If you have committed a whole day working from home to finish a big presentation you have to give the next day, but you spend it on the couch watching Netflix, this could spell big trouble for you. If you get distracted easily then you need to figure out some coping mechanisms to help stay on task.

Written By Dani Cuff and Jodi Walton – Directors at Harrison McMillan.

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