“Simple, modern, easy to work with… Professional recruitment partner at an affordable price”

Andrew Kelly - Managing Director - AddCash Finance

"Our experience with Harrison McMillan was exceptional.

Knowing Dani and Jodi I had a high expectation of the product and service that we would receive and I was not disappointed. From our first meeting with Harrison McMillan the key thing that stood out to us was that we felt like we were being listened to, that our needs were being understood and the process was going to be tailored to suit what we needed from this recruitment process."

Julie Jardine – Supply Chain Manager – Hoshizaki Lancer

"Harrison McMillan changed how we approached the employment of new staff. We initially engaged Harrison McMillan as a bit of an experiment to see if there was any value in this type of approach to employment. The key benefits we saw through using Harrison McMillan was the flexibility of the engagement as we felt that we could tailor the solutions to do part or most of the employment lifecycle depending on the time and resources we had available.

From utilising Harrison McMillan’s offering we have made very comfortable choices with the final candidates chosen as no stones were left unturned and we knew upfront the costs of the process. I would recommend using Harrison McMillan, If asked I would say that the level of professional services, the approach and also the cost efficiency is why you should take a look at their offering."

John Millward – Service Delivery Manager – Loftus

"We heard about Harrison McMillan through our executive network and heard their business model took on a different approach to the standard way of working with recruiters. Harrison McMillan provided an additional layer of support and structure to our internal recruitment process which provided a clear process that gave us tangible milestones and ensured we knew what we were investing in.

We could pick and choose which activities we wanted to outsource and which activities we still wanted to have responsibility for internally and we only had to pay for the elements we needed support with. Harrison McMillan wrote us an interview guide and also sat on all our interview panels as our “virtual HR Manager” which provided us an independent view, HR expertise and gave us some diversity to the process. A key benefit we saw was that our organisation owned the candidates that Harrison McMillan put forward, allowing us to hire as many candidates as we wished without being stuck with a % commission rate per resume.

Overall working with Harrison McMillan proved successful as we enhanced our internal recruitment process and we hired the right staff member for a fair price and felt we got value out of the process. We would recommend Harrison McMillan as they were easy and professional to deal with and there were no hidden costs. They ensured expectations were set up front and managed the assignment well throughout the engagement. During the recruitment process we felt Harrison McMillan was part of the IPMO team who understood what we needed and worked with us to achieve the best outcome for our Company."

Piet Remen – Operations Manager – IPMO

"I chose to initially engage Harrison McMillan as they were interested in listening to my concerns about engaging employment agencies and understood where I was coming from. They in turn were very keen to understand my business to enable them to select the right candidates for me."

Illia Sotiropoulos – Managing Director – IP Partners

"We understand the value in using external support for recruiting, but the historical “pay on placement” model means that the goals of the recruiter and the goals of the employer don’t well align. Harrison McMillan’s “fee for service” model much better aligns with other professional service firms that we use, and we know that we are always getting the best possible outcome."

Phil Kernick – General Manager – CQR

"We decided to engage Harrison McMillan due to their experience in executive recruitment coupled with their different approach. Rather than the standard fee being a percentage of the successful applicant’s package, Harrison McMillan offer a modular, tailored approach. This worked well for us as Harrison McMillan were able to complement our internal team involved in recruitment ensuring we received the best outcome at the greatest value available."

Mark Ogden – Managing Director – Worldsmart

"When Harrison McMillan came to meet with me to explain what Harrison McMillan were about and what they could offer I immediately thought this was an approach to sourcing and recruitment that could help our business contain and better manage its recruitment costs. Being new in my role and being the sole HR practitioner for Sydac, I had been approached by many recruitment companies but none were offering anything like Harrison McMillan."

Kathy Links – Human Resources – Sydac

"At Flinders Port Holdings, we chose to engage Harrison McMillan to assist us with recruitment across our organisation. Harrison McMillan has impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspires confidence, but has generated the results we are looking for. Harrison McMillan’s method of engagement and the pricing model attached to this provided flexibility and the opportunity to engage their services to meet our specific needs."

Jodie Stevens - Human Resources - Flinders Ports

"Following a meeting with Harrison McMillan detailing the services that they offered it was decided that they would be able to assist us with some of our recruitment processes.

By engaging Harrison McMillan it allowed our Managers to receive external feedback on candidates that may not have previously been considered.

Each process that Harrison McMillan has been involved with has been extremely professional & included key meetings with our Managers to understand the type of potential candidate that we were looking to attract & that would be the best fit for the organisation.

We have been extremely happy with the results that the services of Harrison McMillan have allowed us to achieve in hiring great employees for the organisation.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Harrison McMillan’s services if you are looking to receive a service that matches your organisational requirements!"

Nicole Smith – Organisation Development Officer – Adelaide Hills Council

“Innovative, responsive and transparent”

Angelique Boileau - Managing Director - Boileau Business Technology

“A flexible process with committed and pleasurable staff who share the same desire and overall urgency to achieve a common goal”

Chris Parkinson - CEO - OZROLL

“Boutique, tailored and professional”

Clive Summers - National HR Manager - HPS

“It's the best way to do recruitment that I've experienced so far, at this stage I wouldn't have much to add to improve the service”

Jeff Malone - Senior Leadership Team - Subnet

What did you like the most about Harrison McMillan’s recruitment process?
“The efficient assistance provided; timely responses; quality candidates and willingness to assist with all tasks associated with this role... and obviously the cost model we operate under...“

Jodie Stevens - Human Resources - Flinders Ports

“Cost effective recruitment for people who have better things to do than source candidates internally”

John Gray - State Manager - Chamonix

“Personalised, attentive recruitment service that is focused on getting the right person for the role”

Lena Kimenkowski - COO - CADwalk Global

“High quality, exceptional service and thorough”

Lyn Woodforde - President - Carers SA

“The most effective time saving recruitment product available, with staff who have superb knowledge and understanding of the marketplace”

Lena O'Connor - HR Manager Australia and New Zealand - Fugro Lads

“Efficient recruitment services with a brilliant cost model”

Jodie Stevens - Human Resources - Flinders Ports

“Clear, informative and expert recruitment”

Kelly Drewett - Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships - Expose Data

Harrison McMillan “looks at better ways to get the best candidate affordably, and quickly”

Penny Gale - GM Engagement and Innovation - RAA

What did you like the most about Harrison McMillan’s recruitment process?
“…incredibly formative, explained the process every step of the way, provided periodical updates and came in under budget!”

Kelly Drewett - Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships - Expose Data

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