Harrison McMillan finds top talent for clients through the use of advanced “Digital Sourcing” techniques and strategies!

  • What do you do if the ‘perfect’ candidate doesn’t apply for your position?
  • How do you ensure your ‘perfect’ candidate knows you are hiring?
  • What techniques do you use to ensure you have covered all avenues to find the most suitable candidates?

When seeking a person to fill a role it can be common to find yourself running out of time, being unable to find the right person or not being able to access the most beneficial avenues and technologies in order to access your ideal candidate.

Harrison McMillan utilise advanced digital sourcing strategies throughout our recruitment projects as a key component to ensure we can target, access, contract, screen and shortlist the right candidate for our client’s roles. We leave no stone unturned and ensure we are meeting our client’s deadlines.

So….What is “Digital Sourcing”?

Digital Sourcing is one of the many services Harrison McMillan provide to our clients in order to find the right person for the position. We perform targeted search campaigns to find the right candidates, exclusively online.  Our dedicated Recruitment Partners are highly trained and internet savvy and we use an integrated approach to sourcing to cover all bases. This ensures our clients that every suitable candidate has been reviewed, and the right candidate is found.

Some candidates may not be actively aware of a position or not aware that a client is hiring. Through this process, our trusted Recruitment Partners take the next step forward to search for these candidates and proactively approach them through the use of targeted methods and specialist expertise.

The Harrison McMillan team have significant experience in undertaking “head-hunting” and Digital Sourcing assignments and proactively targeting candidates with relevant profiles on available databases and social media sites such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google+,
  • Seek Talent Search,
  • Bullhorn (internal recruitment database)
  • Relevant role-specific forums
  • Harrison McMillan company web page
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Publications and Public relations
  • Advertisements – Blind or Co-branded (Optional)

To find out more about how Harrison McMillan can assist you to attract top talent to your business with Digital Sourcing techniques contact to make an appointment with one of our Directors