Harrison McMillan Introduces… Cost Effective Contracting Services!

  • No buy out fees involved if you decide to take the contractor on permanently!
  • Nominal hourly rates to payroll your contractor!
  • 100% transparency on all rates and charges associated with your contract!
  • Advanced online time sheeting systems for you and your contractors!
  • Talent pool solutions to ensure your organisation has contractors available, on demand!

Harrison McMillan introduces contracting services using our disruptive recruitment approach based on hourly rates and fixed cost service levels.

We are delighted to announce that we have recently introduced contracting services, using our fresh approach to recruitment to provide our clients even more value!

Our contracting solution will help your organisation reduce contracting costs, time pressures and the unwanted stress of recruiting, selecting and pay-rolling your contingent workforce.

The benefits that Harrison McMillan uniquely provide through these services include that we charge an affordable hourly rate for sourcing a suitable contractor for your company and a nominal hourly rate to payroll them, alternatively you can payroll the contracts directly if you wish.

Harrison McMillan do not believe in candidate ownership or lock in contracts, so if you decide to hire the contractor permanently there are no buy out fees……………EVER!

We are happy to provide 100% transparency on all rates and costs associated with the contractor, so there will never be any hidden costs from you or your contractors.

We offer an advanced online and mobile time sheeting platform for both the clients and candidates to make payroll and hour recording simple and hassle free along with salary packaging management solutions for your contractors.

If you are seeking temporary or contracting staff, please don’t hesitate to contact Harrison McMillan on 08 7071 7094 to discuss how we can assist your organisation!