Harrison McMillan helps organisations build superior Leadership teams

“As social animals, we need leaders that make us feel that we’re moving forward, that our efforts have value to a greater cause, and that someone is watching out for us. That only happens with people who make us feel like we’re part of something.”1

There is nothing more crucial to the success of an organisation than bringing in the right people to lead their team, if history has shown us anything it is that it takes great leaders to build great companies.

A strong leader also has an effect on staff retention because while people often join companies with high expectations, it is often their managers and supervisors that they leave, and not the company. Your leadership team needs to be one that acts as a source of employee fulfilment at work. According to Michael Leimbach, VP of Research and Design at Wilson Learning Worldwide: “if Managers fail to create job satisfaction within their teams, people feel unmotivated and negative, Managers have the power to create a team that is totally engaged or they can stifle work fulfilment and drive people to leave their jobs.”

The process of recruiting strong Leaders and switched-on Executives is sometimes like participating in a high-stakes, final championship game, with the prize for getting it right is achieving greater organisational success. That said, the result of a poor hire could bring about long term ramifications that could affect your business for years to come, so why not engage with a recruitment professional?

Harrison McMillan possess over 50 years of recruitment experience and have a demonstrated ability to deliver effective and high quality Executive Recruitment and Executive Search Assignments for our clients. We ensure that we gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ current business challenges, goals and values of the organisation in order to partner with you to correctly place the right people with the right skills to meet your organisations strategic objectives.

Our focus is to provide our extensive HR, recruitment and selection expertise to facilitate a high quality recruitment process which offers excellent value for money. A key differentiator of Harrison McMillan is that we have replaced the outdated ‘traditional’ agency model of charging candidate placement fees based on a percentage of salary with an affordable pricing model based on hourly consulting rates and transparent fixed cost service levels.

What does this mean for organisations?

• You will not be charged a large fee based on a percentage of the selected candidate’s salary. You will experience a high quality recruitment process which offers excellent value for money with a quality assured outcome by ensuring bias and conflict of interest do not influence the outcome.
• You won’t just receive a few resumes from us to choose from – we value transparency and thus you have input and influence across the entire process feeling confident you are receiving the very best talent available for your senior positions.
• You have access to all of Harrison McMillan’s innovative technologies such as our cloud-based e-recruitment system and pre-recorded video interview technology.
• Access to Harrison McMillan’s specialist sourcing expertise, network and market intelligence to strategically source top talent.
• A repeatable and scalable process which will create an outstanding candidate experience, increased brand awareness and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Contact us today to speak to one of our Directors or experienced Recruitment Partners to gain a no obligation quote on your upcoming executive recruitment assignments.

1 Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t