Harrison McMillan – disrupting the recruitment industry

What do you get when you mix two female entrepreneurs with over 30 years in the recruitment industry and a passion for making a change in an industry they love?

Harrison McMillan – a dynamic duo who are disrupting the recruitment industry by not charging candidate placement fees…Ever!

Jodi Walton and Dani Cuff didn’t believe in the “traditional agency model” and saw little value for organisations to pay a fee based on a candidates salary.  So in May 2013 they embarked on a challenge to change the way recruitment is conducted.

They are disrupting the recruitment industry.

Since they opened, Harrison McMillan have saved Small to Medium businesses just under

$1 million dollars in placement fees.  Want to know more?

Their process is transparent, as the client you are able to be involved along each step of the way, or leave it to the team – the choice is yours.   

Their offering is large, and you can pick and choose the services you require – An “A La Carte” menu!




“We have replaced the out dated ‘traditional’ agency model of charging candidate placement fees based on a percentage of salary with an affordable approach based on hourly consulting rates and transparent fixed cost service levels” –  Dani Cuff, Director – Harrison McMillan.

When they started their business they were expecting their target market to be small businesses.  However they have enjoyed huge success working with larger businesses and their internal HR departments.  The team at Harrison McMillan have become trusted advisors, able to quickly adapt and create the right solution for their customers.

Regardless of your business size or budget Harrison McMillan believe you should have access to Recruitment expertises and advice to help you find the right people to join you.

Due to their continued success Harrison McMillan are now offering Support Plans.  These plans range in price and offering.

“What we are hearing from clients is recruitment is a big hit to their cash flow. Recruitment is generally unpredictable and hard to be pro-active with if you are a small to medium business. You never really know when someone will resign.,” said Dani.

By signing up to the monthly support plan you know how much you will pay each month so when your recruitment needs arise you are not hit with a huge recruitment bill – these can sometimes be in the vicinity of $10,000 to $15,000.  In addition to this you get Recruitment and Talent support on demand.

Working with us on a monthly plan vs. hiring an internal is more cost effective but also gives you the ability to flex support up and down when required…. i.e. if you have a sudden surge we could have seven people working on your roles at one time vs. one internal trying to juggle it all.

To speak with Dani and Jodi more about this offering, call them today on 08 7071 7094.