Going For Gold! How to Hire Winning Candidates

With the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games underway, Harrison McMillan have been reflecting this week on some of the similarities between selecting athletes for competitive sports and hiring new employees into a business.

When we look at competitive sport the recruiting and selection processes for Olympic teams are transparent and clearly spelled out, the process and criteria for selecting the final athletes is clearly defined, there is no mystery involved. The athletes clearly understand the process to be selected for the Olympic Games.

Think about your own selection processes in your organisation and ask yourself:

•Do applicants applying for your vacancies know what they need to do to be successful?
•Do applicants understand how they will be assessed?
•Do applicants have a clear understanding of your recruitment process and what steps are required?

Without a clear understanding of what is required of them, candidates can feel left in the dark and this uncertainty can create unnecessary stress and in some cases scare away potential candidates from even applying for your positions.

Your hiring processes and systems can also impact your ability to hire the right candidate. You can’t afford a hiring mistake as it is costly, time consuming and the wrong hire can have a detrimental effect on morale, productivity and innovation within your organisation

A diligent, effective and transparent recruitment process, conducted by an external professional services partner, like Harrison McMillan, ensures that any candidate being considered emulates the motivations, behaviours and essential attributes that you are seeking to carry out your organisations mission. It also ensures that your candidates are kept involved throughout the process and that any hurdles (pardon the pun) that may arise are mitigated quickly and not caught up in the red tape that we sometimes face in the corporate structure.

When you think about it, the goals of Leaders in Business and Sports are very similar. Both are not just content with getting a strong performance from individuals but instead want to dominate their competition with a team of high performing individuals who compliment each other’s strengths, and weaknesses. This is why it is so important to ensure that you hire the right person in the right position and not the first person or the best of what applied for your advert.

The team at Harrison McMillan offer you access to high level recruitment expertise, no matter your size or budget. We provide you a flexible Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solutions to help you identify and hire the right people to help your business grow.

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