Free Webinar: How to effectively recruit the right people

Over the last few weeks Jodi and I have been working on an exciting project. We have created a free webinar which is available to everyone and which will help your organisation improve your recruitment process by using an easy to implement 6 step strategy.

In the webinar we demonstrate a few ways to get the best value out of your recruitment function, how to access top talent without paying a costly percentage placement fee and how to reduce your direct time throughout the recruitment process.

If you wish to watch our webinar I have included the link below and please feel free to share with others who you feel may gain value from this.

Click here to watch: Webinar: How to effectively recruit the right people

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn the secrets to finding your ‘perfect candidate’ and avoiding the common mistakes to ensure you continue to grow and strengthen your team.

If you would like to meet to find out more about how we can help your organisation implement these 6 strategies, then please do not hesitate to contact Dani or Jodi on 08 7071 7094.