6 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Function- Introduction

What would it mean to your organisation if you could improve your recruitment function and get access to the right talent, when you need them, at an affordable cost?

By improving how your recruitment function operates you will be able to recruit more effectively across your organisation, attract the right talent to your business, have the ability to manage your recruitment spend more effectively, reduce your time pressures through the recruitment process, have access to recruitment expertise, on demand, and have access to the leading recruitment technology.

We wanted to create this six-part series for anyone who considers recruitment to be a strategic priority within their organisations or for anyone who is seeking ways to find the right talent at the right time cost effectively.

So does this sound like you?
• Are you frustrated by your current recruitment process taking too long or not producing great talent?
• Do you suffer from unpredictable staffing demands and / or reactive recruitment requirements?
• Do you find limited value in paying a costly percentage placement fee to gain access to top talent?
• Do you have limited internal recruitment expertise and support available to you to assist in the recruitment process?
• Do you know if you are hiring the best talent on the market or the best of what is available at the time?
• Are you fearful of hiring the wrong person?
• Do you feel it is not the best use of your time to go through 50 – 200 plus resumes?
• Do you have limited recruitment technology available to you to create the efficiencies you want?

OR do you feel like there is no alternative to paying a % placement fee?

If so, don’t worry you are not alone. The good news is, during this seven-part series we will share with you;
• 6 easy ways you can improve your recruitment function.
• How to get the best value out of your recruitment function.
• How to access top talent without having to pay a costly % placement fee.
• How to reduce your time throughout the recruitment process.
• And we will share with you a cost comparison between the different recruitment models in the market which you should find really valuable as it will allow you the ability to make informed decisions around which model and their associated costs will be right for you and your business.

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About the Authors

Dani Cuff and Jodi Walton are the Co-Directors of Harrison McMillan, an affordable yet effective outsourced recruitment solution. Together they possess almost 30 years of Recruitment and Human Resources experience where they have operated within local, national and overseas markets for various organisations including Government, multi-nationals, niche providers, SME’s and start-ups. They reached the point in their careers where they wanted to change the way things were done within the recruitment industry and this is why they started Harrison McMillan.

Harrison McMillan are a team of dedicated and highly experienced recruitment professionals who are here to help you with your recruitment support needs. We know you need to be free to get on with what you do best. That’s why we have created an affordable yet effective outsourced recruitment solution, where we behave as your internal recruitment team to identify and hire the right people for your business.

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