6 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Function – Part 4 of 6

4. Use technology through the recruitment process to create efficiencies.

The fourth way to improve your recruitment function is through using technology to create efficiencies. A useful tool is using pre-recorded video technology to validate the list of candidates you have put on your shortlist.

Pre-recorded video technology

We have been using this technology for over 2 years now and we have seen hiring managers save up to 80% of time through the selection process.

Using this technology allows you to create specific questions aligned with your role. You then send these interview questions to candidates via an email link where they can pre-record their answers in their own time. This allows you to see applicants answer key questions while also viewing their personality, body language and communication style.

Viewing a short pre-recorded video interview is an efficient and effective way to provide you with a clear indication of whether you would like to interview the candidate. This technology assists to eliminate lengthy and unnecessary interviews.

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