6 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Function – Part 3 of 6

3. Attract Top Talent

The third way to improve your recruitment function is by increasing your ability to attract top talent into your organisation. Savvy candidates, the best and the brightest generally won’t just apply for the role on job boards such as Seek. They need to be lured in by the savvy recruiters or hiring mangers who act as a talent magnet. Recruiters or Hiring Managers who take on a more active role in generating and engaging talent, hire great people!

There are many ways to attract great talent, however, there are a few basics you should start with. As a recruiter or Hiring Manager what is your own social media presence like? Do you know that 70% of candidates will look at your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook before choosing to apply for your role. Google yourself…see what comes up.
Do you write blogs or write about challenging projects you are working on or problems you are facing? Do you tweet about industry trends or put yourself out there as a thought leader? These are all key elements to attracting top candidates to your organisation.

Other ways to attract talent is through career sites, referral programs, events, sponsorships and user groups just to name a few.

These are all great ways to source top talent however we are seeing the greatest success in attracting top talent by using a variety of digital databases. Now if you don’t already, it is really worth considering implementing the use of digital databases into your recruitment function as these will create efficiencies and will assist you to attract top talent. Two databases that are readily available are LinkedIn and Seek Premium. They do cost money, however, if you want to do your own recruitment in-house they are very useful tools.

LinkedIn has 330 million business professionals in one place, prominently displaying their job experience, skills, education, recommendations, and expertise. LinkedIn has some basic and free functionality however they do have paid options such as: LinkedIn Recruiter and Business Plus accounts which provides you with some excellent functionality such as being able to contact candidates directly about your job opportunities.

Seek Talent Search is also a great option. It gives you access to over 3 million searchable profiles on their site, helping you find your perfect match easily. These profiles will highlight the candidates; salary expectations, their approachability, date they last updated their profile and many other things so it does make your searching transparent.

Now we just briefly want to talk about Boolean search. At Harrison McMillan we train our entire team in Boolean search as it is the smarter way to search for candidates across all digital databases. Boolean searches rely on specific modifiers to help you find results more closely related to the types of profiles you need to find. You can build search strings in the Keywords, Title, Name and Company fields. The modifiers you can include are quotes, parenthesis, AND, OR and NOT.

Boolean searches makes your candidate search more sophisticated, effective and targeted.

Using Boolean logic to broaden and/or narrow your candidate search is not as complicated as it sounds; in fact you might be doing it already. If not, it is definitely something you want to learn more about.

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