6 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Function – Part 2 of 6

2. Only speak with qualified candidates

The second way to get value from your recruitment function is to ensure you are only talking to qualified candidates. This seems obvious, however when you go out to market for a new role you might have 10 candidates or 200 candidates to consider for your role. So to ensure you are only talking with qualified candidates you need to have a rigorous and robust process for assessment to ensure you are not wasting your time talking to people who are just not a good fit for you.

The first stage of creating a robust process is to clearly understand the selection criteria for the position. This means you need to ensure that you identify key areas that the candidates will need to meet in order to be successful. These are specific to the type and level of the position. The selection criteria are statements that describe the qualifications, knowledge, skills, abilities, organisational culture fit and experience that are required within the position.

Once this is established, it creates your basis for a shortlist or what we like to call longlisting.

From here you then need to ensure you have a systematic way of assessing each applicant against your key criteria. The way we do this in our organisation is by applying a 3 tier scoring system as our traffic light approach. We assess each resume against the agreed selection criteria by:

• Tier 1 (Green) – meets your requirements
• Tier 2 (Amber) – meets some of your requirements
• Tier 3 (Red) – does not meet your requirements

When we do this we like to include additional information such as full name and candidate contact details to ensure Hiring Managers have complete transparency and can pick up the process themselves at any point.

We use an advanced e-recruitment system to collect and export this information however, don’t worry if you don’t use an e-recruitment system as these can be easy created using excel.

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