6 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Function – Part 1 of 6

1. Evaluate your recruitment function’s strengths and weaknesses

One of the first ways you can get value out of your recruitment function is to evaluate your current recruitment process and consider its strengths and weaknesses. Such as – what do you do well? What areas need improvement? And, what are the parts of the process that are causing you frustration?

Once you have considered your strengths and weaknesses, make a decision on which parts you want to be involved in and which parts you would like assistance with. This way you can examine who else within your organisation has the time or expertise to help or you can go out to your external provider and ask them to provide you a cost for the parts of the process you need.

One of the ways we do this with our clients is that we list all the recruitment process steps required to facilitate a successful end to end process and get them to choose the area of support they need assistance with. From here we provide them a detailed estimation on the amount of time it will take us to conduct these recruitment process steps and the costs associated.

Additionally, you need to consider the level of recruitment expertise that you will require to run the process. Not all recruitment processes will need the same level of support throughout all the recruitment process steps. For example, you may want a more experienced recruitment expert to write the position description, sit in on the interviews and provide strategic advice, however you may not need the same level of expertise to filter through the resumes and acknowledge the receipt of applications to candidates. To ensure you are running your recruitment process as effectively as possible you want to align the right people, with the right skill set to the relevant steps in the process.

Choose the level of recruitment expertise you need

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