Contract Recruitment

Harrison McMillan’s unique approach to contract recruitment is a transparent and affordable way to support your organisation’s hiring process.

Affordable contract resources for your business

Do you need to hire contract professionals for your business? No worries! Harrison McMillan Contracting (hmc) are here to help.

We are a contracting agency who understands the need for flexible and responsive contract resourcing in an environment that is constantly changing. Contract recruitment agencies need to understand that you don’t just need the right person, but you need them ASAP. That is why we have launched HMC, for all your interim needs and your choice as a leading Adelaide-based contract recruiter. Through HMC, Harrison McMillan is ensuring you have access to top talent when needed. Whether it’s for short to long-term, our employment agency will partner with you to find the right strategy. Successful contracting recruiting agencies depend on an engaged and available candidate network. Each HMC recruitment specialist fosters our talent pool, ensuring they are ready to seamlessly transition when its time for your business to hire contractors.

When you partner with hmc exclusively you receive:

  • No buy out fees if you decide to take the contractor on permanently.
  • An advanced online and mobile time-sheeting platform as part of our contract recruitment offering.
  • Weekly payments for your contractors.
  • Talent pool solutions to ensure you can access contractors on demand.
  • Salary packaging management solutions.

As one of South Australia’s most highly regarded employment agencies, we can provide qualified contract white-collar recruitment services across a wide range of industries. Our recruitment specialists are available to assist with any of your interim resourcing needs in: Information Technology, Human Resources, Technical & Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Health Sciences, Administration and Executive.

Ask about Harrison McMillan’s contract resource solutions today!