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Whilst our award-winning pay-as-you-go recruitment model has always meant you’ve been able to pick and choose the recruitment services that you need, we wanted to find a way that allowed us to remove the uncertainty of the cost involved when you partner with Harrison McMillan.

Using Our Candidate Database Search Service to Deliver the Best Talent

We believe there should never be any surprises with your recruitment costs. This is why Harrison McMillan introduced another offering to complement our existing services: a pre-set recruitment fee whenever an introduced candidate is hired. The latest addition to our suite of recruitment services provides you with another option when choosing us as your recruitment partner – giving you access to the very best on-market talent.

So, what benefits does this provide?

Not only is the fee agreed in advance, it’s also significantly more affordable than traditional recruitment models. You just need to look at the table below to see how it compares to the recruitment agency fees that tend to be charged in the market. On top of this, using our Candidate Database Search Service means you’re guaranteed the same high service standards you’ve come to expect from the team at Harrison McMillan.


To discuss our Candidate Database Search Service in more depth, or if you’d like to find out how our recruitment specialists can support your business with the very best talent (at a fraction of the cost), get in touch with us.