Bespoke Recruitment

As a team of dedicated and highly experienced recruitment specialists, we pride ourselves on efficiently delivering affordable outsourced recruiting solutions without compromising on quality. Unlike many recruitment agencies, our transparent, flexible approach to billing ensures you have control over the process and only pay for what you need.

We can offer you a complete outsourced recruitment service or, alternatively, select from a variety of recruitment tasks and only pay for the recruitment services you need. Each step of the recruitment process is broken down into a separate milestone that is delivered by our Recruitment Consultants in collaboration with you, based on pre-agreed fixed cost hourly rates and set service level agreements.

Want to find out how our outsourced recruitment services work? Watch our introduction video below.

Choose the level of recruitment expertise you require.

Choose from a variety of outsourced recruitment services and only pay for the tasks you need:

Position briefing meeting

A thorough recruitment briefing is undertaken with the hiring manager to document information on your business. This ensures your Harrison McMillan recruitment expert clearly understands the job requirements and can gather additional content for the position description.

Review job description

Harrison McMillan works with you to create a clearly articulated job description for recruitment designed to attract the best talent to your organisation. This creates clarity and ensures employee expectations are aligned with your business' expectations.

Advertisement writing

Harrison McMillan can create a recruitment advertisement that aligns with the role you're recruiting for. Advertising content is signed off by both parties prior to posting on the selected job boards. Advertisements can be blind or co-branded and are written by our in-house experts to achieve proven results.

Resume and application assessment

We will assess and verify the information contained within a candidate's resume and/or application and its relevance to the job and person specification. This includes thoroughly assessing a candidate’s skills, abilities and knowledge through their application in order to identify whether they are suitable for shortlisting as part of our recruitment process. All candidates whose application and/or resume demonstrate that they meet the majority of the essential requirements are included on the long list during this recruitment phase.

Digital sourcing / strategic sourcing

The Harrison McMillan team employ a combination of digital and strategic sourcing techniques to attract, locate and assess suitable candidates by accessing relevant profiles available via our online databases and social media sites such as: LinkedIn, Google, Seek Talent Search, Bullhorn (internal recruitment database), as well as relevant role-specific forums.

Develop recruitment process templates

We create relevant recruitment process templates for your assignment, such as telephone and pre-recorded video interview questions, reference checking templates and email templates to help keep candidates updated throughout the recruitment process.

Telephone interview

A 30-45 minute telephone call is initiated as part of our recruitment process to reaffirm a candidate’s abilities, as outlined in their resume, as well as to build a sound knowledge of their communication skills, salary expectations, notice period requirements and motivation for the role. Your Harrison McMillan Recruitment Partner will produce a transcript of this conversation during shortlisting.

Video introduction administration

A pre-recorded video introduction will be undertaken with suitable candidates, allowing clients to view candidates’ presentation, body language and communication skills firsthand prior to dedicating the time to a panel interview. View a demonstration here: click here

HM to conduct first interview

Harrison McMillan can undertake the first round of interviews with candidates as part of our recruitment service offering.


All candidates whose applications demonstrate that they meet the essential requirements of your role will be included on the shortlist for you to review. You will be provided with candidate pre-screening/ telephone interview notes, including a comprehensive overview of the candidate answers to role specific questions, a link to candidates' pre-recorded video interviews (if applicable), candidate’s resumes (unchanged by Harrison McMillan) and an updated candidate matrix highlighting the candidate’s screening notes.

Book and schedule interviews

As part of the recruitment process, Harrison McMillan can book and schedule job interviews between the chosen applicants and the hiring manager/organisation.

Write interview questions

Harrison McMillan's expert recruitment team can write your questions for interview, whether you are conducting interviews by yourselves or with our support.


A Harrison McMillan Recruitment Partner can be present during the interviews to assist on the day to conduct the interview, explore the candidates’ responses in more detail and / or provide an objective quality assurance throughout the recruitment process.

Coordinate background checks

The preferred candidate’s rights to work in Australia can be checked via VEVO and the candidate's stated qualifications confirmed with the relevant educational institution as part of our background check process. Police checks can also be coordinated if required.

Undertake reference checks

Reference checks are completed by Harrison McMillan through a phone call to all referees with agreed questions. Referee answers to the questions are documented and presented to the hiring manager for review.

Resume fact checking

A Harrison McMillan representative will undertake detailed fact checking of the information provided by the candidate during the screening process and contained within their resume.

Verbally redirect unsuccessful candidates

Harrison McMillan can take care of providing verbal feedback to unsuccessful candidates as part of your recruitment process, saving you precious time.


Consulting is undertaken by Harrison McMillan throughout the end to end recruitment process and includes: discussion and analysis of issues, development of plans for improvement, provision of objective advice, provision of specialist expertise and general client consulting.

Candidate management

Candidate management is undertaken by Harrison McMillan throughout the end to end recruitment process and includes: taking candidate enquiries, keeping candidates informed on the process, providing job information to candidates, general candidate consulting.

Finalisation meeting & report writing

Harrison McMillan provide a final meeting and report as part of our end-to-end recruitment process.

All recruitment services and costs are transparent and agreement is required prior to commencement of the assignment.