Harrison McMillan is a recruitment and human resources firm. In providing recruitment and human resources services (‘Employer Services’) to its clients (‘Employer Clients’), Harrison McMillan sources, consolidates and retains information from Employer Clients regarding employment and human resources requirements and from persons applying for employment positions posted by Harrison McMillan or registering as job seekers on Harrison McMillan’s Website (‘Harrison McMillan Website’)(collectively referred to as ‘Candidates’).

This Policy has been implemented according to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment Act 2012 and outlines the purpose and process for the collection, use and retention of ‘personal information’ from Employer Clients and Candidates.

Harrison McMillan operates mainly in Australia, therefore the use and disclosure of Personal Information may occur outside an Employer Client place of business or Candidate place of residence.

The Harrison McMillan Website may include links to third party websites, such as the providers of interview or training services / facilities.

Harrison McMillan is not responsible for the privacy policies, practices or the content of websites owned or operated by these third parties. Candidates and Employer Clients are encouraged to review the privacy policies and terms of service of linked websites so that they understand how those websites collect, use and disclose personal information.

Any queries regarding this Policy should be directed to, alternatively please contact (08) 7071 7094 for further assistance.

Why Personal Information is Obtained

Harrison McMillan collects personal information from Employer Clients and Candidates to conduct its business, which is the provision of recruitment and human resources services.

Harrison McMillan’s services to Employer Clients and Candidates have been established for a dual purpose:

a. to assist Employer Clients in finding suitable employees or contractors; and
b. to enable Candidates to market themselves for employment vacancies.

Candidate Personal Information

Harrison McMillan collects personal information about Candidates primarily through the Harrison McMillan Website but it will also collect personal information submitted by a Candidate when applying online for a posted employment position.

Harrison McMillan reviews, collects and retains personal information provided by Candidates in relation to whether they are suitable for employment positions within their Employer Client’s organizations.

2. Candidate Consent for Use of Personal Information

2.1 By submitting an application for an employment position posted by Harrison McMillan and published on various employment websites, a Candidate consents to Harrison McMillan using that information and any documents submitted by the Candidate, in relation to determining whether the Candidate meets the Employer Client requirements for the subject employment position, to disseminate that information and if necessary, relay to the Employer Client.

2.2 A Candidate’s application for employment positions managed by Harrison McMillan, enables Harrison McMillan to use the information and any documents submitted by the Candidate for recruitment purposes.

2.3  Access to the Harrison McMillan Website enables a Candidate to use the following Candidate Services provided by Harrison McMillan:

Resume Development
Interview Skills Development
LinkedIn Profile Development

2.4 Registration on the InterviewStream Website at‘InterviewStream Website’) enables Candidates to record video footage of themselves answering Employer Client selection criteria or participate in live interviews with Employer Clients. The InterviewStream Website is not owned or operated by Harrison McMillan. However, Harrison McMillan has access to information submitted by Candidates, including video footage of Candidate answers or live interviews from the InterviewStream Website.

2.5 If Candidates do not agree to the InterviewStream Website Registration Terms (located on the InterviewStream Website) in connection to using the InterviewStream Website, no information will be collected and retained by Harrison McMillan from the InterviewStream Website and the Candidate will not be able to participate in video interviews/recording.

3. What Personal Information is collected?

3.1 On-line Job Application

Harrison McMillan will collect, review and retain personal information about the Candidate submitted in an on-line job application including, but not limited to:
Candidate name
Candidate date of birth
Candidate address and contact details
Employment history
Resume data
Specific answers to position criterion

3.2 Information Submitted by the Candidate to Harrison McMillan

Harrison McMillan will collect, review and retain personal information about the Candidate which the Candidate provides to Harrison McMillan including, but not limited to:
Candidate name
Candidate date of birth
Candidate address and contact details
Employment history
Resume data
Specific answers to employment position criterion
Medical history
Financial information
Family details (e.g. next of kin)
Criminal record/prior convictions
Government agency identifiers

3.3 Information provided during Video Interviewing

As part of the Employer Services, Harrison McMillan facilitates video interviewing and recording between Employer Clients and registered Candidates, predominately to assist in the recruitment process. Providing video interviewing/recording allows Harrison McMillan’s Employer Clients to experience personal contact in considering a Candidate’s application. Candidates who consent to undertake video interviewing/recording generally have an increased chance of securing an interview, providing they otherwise meet the essential recruitment criteria.

Candidates are provided with a link (sent to their allocated email address) to the InterviewStream Website where the video interview/recording takes place. A series of questions are also provided to the Candidates to record their answers to the best of their ability, with the opportunity to re-record answers.

Harrison McMillan will collect, review and retain personal information about the Candidate which the Candidate submits on the InterviewStream Website including, but not limited to:

Candidate name
Candidate date of birth
Candidate address and contact details
Employment history
Resume data
Specific answers to employment position criterion
Medical history
Financial information
Family details (e.g. next of kin)
Candidate image/footage
Candidate voice recording

4. Sensitive information

4.1 Some Candidate personal information that is collected by Harrison McMillan may be of a sensitive nature, which might include information relating to gender, race, ethnicity or culture, political affiliation, religion, trade union or other professional or trade association membership, criminal convictions or health/medical information.

4.2 Sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided and with the consent of a Candidate.

5. How Personal Information is Used and Disclosed

5.1 Harrison McMillan may use and disclose Candidate personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected, which is in connection with a Candidate’s on-line application for a specific employment position or through the Harrison McMillan Website.

5.2 Harrison McMillan will directly use and disclose Candidate personal information for the following purposes:

providing the Employer Services
providing the Candidate Services
communication with the Employer Client or Candidate
complying with legal obligations
consultation with employment agencies
reference and qualification checks
police checks
medical clearances

5.3 Harrison McMillan may disclose Candidate personal information to the following third parties in connection with the provision of Employer Services:
Persons/organisations involved in managing and administering an employment position application, employment placement or engagement, such as employment/labour hire agencies
Users of the InterviewStream Website, being Harrison McMillan personnel and it’s relevant Clients
Persons/ organisations providing workplace education and training, including professional associations
Employment position posting services
Persons/organisations conducting referee, qualification or police checks or monitoring employee performance
Government agencies
Members of the Harrison McMillan Group
Legal advisors to Harrison McMillan

6. Accuracy of Personal Information

6.1 Harrison McMillan strives to maintain an accurate record of information provided and collected in the provision of Employer Services and Candidate Sourcing Services. Although measures are taken to ensure information is accurate, it is important that information provided by Candidates via an on-line employment position application, on the Harrison McMillan Website or via the InterviewStream Website is correct in order to be of assistance to both Employer Clients and Candidates.

6.2 Requests to update or correct personal information can be directed to, alternatively please contact (08) 7071 7094 for further assistance.

7. Confidentiality

Harrison McMillan’s employees and consultants are required to maintain the confidentiality of personal information submitted by Employer Clients and Candidates.

Only authorised persons are given access to the Harrison McMillan Website which contains Employer Client and Candidate personal information.

Harrison McMillan has implemented security measures to protect the information on the Harrison McMillan Website from:

unauthorised access
unauthorised alteration
unauthorised disclosure
unauthorised destruction
accidental loss of information

8. Archiving

When Employee Candidates cease using the Harrison McMillan Website, their personal information may be stored for a period of time thereafter by secure means.
Where Harrison McMillan no longer requires an Employee Candidate’s personal information for a permitted purpose under the APPs it will take reasonable steps to destroy it.

9. Use of Personal Identifiers

Harrison McMillan does not use personal identifiers that have been assigned to a Candidate by another agency(e.g. tax file number) as a means of identifying a Candidate.
If Candidates provide such information to Harrison McMillan for a particular purpose, it will not be used for any other purpose but for that for which it was provided.

10. International Disclosure

Harrison McMillan may disclose personal information about a Candidate to Employer Clients located overseas where the Candidate provides consent to the disclosure or the transfer of information is necessary in order to perform Employer Client Services.

11. Access to Personal Information Records

Candidates may gain access to personal information submitted on the InterviewStream Website or the Harrison McMillan Website by sending a request to, alternatively they may contact (08) 7071 7094 for further assistance.
Harrison McMillan will require Candidates to verify their identity and to specify what information is required.

12. Complaints

If a Candidate wishes to make a complaint to Harrison McMillan about our handling of a Candidate’s personal information, they can contact the Privacy Officer, Harrison McMillan, Suite 315 / 147 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

The Candidate will be asked to set out the details of the complaint in writing in a form provided.
Harrison McMillan will endeavour to reply to the Candidate within 30 days of receipt of the completed complaint form and where appropriate, will advise of the general reasons for the outcome of the complaint.

In some circumstances, the Privacy Officer may decline to investigate the complaint, for example if the complaint relates to an act or practice that is not an interference of the privacy of the person making the complaint.

If a Candidate is not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint, they can refer the complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.