Harrison McMillan teaches organisations how to better understand their teams and themselves to improve organisational communication!

Did you know that Harrison McMillan offers Behavioural Profiling Training – Learn the Universal Language of Behaviour? Aimed at helping organisations better understand themselves and their employees to increase organisational communication.

As human beings we are all unique, and we all have our own preferences and behavioural styles.

While these differences create workplace diversity and balance they can often cause challenges, misunderstandings, personality clashes, conflicts, and communication breakdowns. The good news is there is a simple key to understanding how people are likely to behave, approach problems, communicate, interact with others, and respond to the rules, procedures and pace of the environment, it is called DiSC Behavioural Profiling.

DiSC Profiling is used by an estimated 75% of the ‘Fortune 500’ organisations because of what it delivers, and it continues to be the most popular choice for professional development as well as an effective tool for recruitment and selection.

Having run Behavioural Profiling training for multiple organisations across a myriad of industries, Harrison McMillan bring a wealth of experience when it comes to interpreting and understanding the results of a DiSC assessment. Our “Behavioural Profiling – Learn the Universal Language of Behaviour” workshop will introduce you to DISC and will increase your understanding of the different behavioural styles that exist within your organisation.
At the completion of our workshop all participants should:

  • Understand the four personality styles of DiSC Profiling
  • Understand their own behavioural style
  • Understand the four personality styles of DiSC Profiling
  • Know what styles exist within their team
  • Know how to identify the different styles in people
  • Understand the limitations of each behavioural style
  • Understand the different team roles that each styles play
  • Know how to communicate with the different styles
    (The Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Understand the application areas

All training sessions run for approximately 3 hours and can accommodate 20 participants per session, with all workbooks and training documentation provided.

Cost: $925 + GST per training session required.


So if your organisation is seeking ways in which to improve communication and team cohesion, as well as increasing productivity and performance then contact Harrison McMillan today on 08  7071 7094 and unlock the mystery of human behaviour!