Harrison McMillan – Delivering Global Outcomes through Strategic Sourcing

Since the inception of Harrison McMillan, we have understood the value of the expertise and the time required to successfully undertake strategic talent sourcing. We incorporate sourcing into every recruitment process that we undertake and have found that 70% of candidates that we place have been found through our strategic talent sourcing efforts.   We truly believe that incorporating strategic sourcing into our recruitment projects delivers the most comprehensive service to our clients. It allows us to fully explore, through multiple channels, every possible option to secure the very best candidate for our clients; not just the best of who is applying through job boards.

This strategic sourcing element in Harrison McMillan’s Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solution is what has continued to strengthen our long-standing relationship with one of Australia’s largest independent information security consultancies – CQR. Throughout our working relationship, Harrison McMillan has helped to recruit over 15 Consultants into their business nationally. Given the niche skillset required in CQR’s Consultants, Harrison McMillan have utilised their expert sourcing capability to secure not only the right set of technical skills in a candidate but also the right cultural fit for their business.

It is through delivering repeated quality results for clients like CQR and also through building an intimate understanding of their values and value proposition, that we have developed a relationship with them which now expands globally.

With this track record of success, Harrison McMillan are now actively working in the United Kingdom and the United States across various roles. Our model and successful delivery capability is proving successful and is being well received by candidates across the globe who have been fascinated by the working relationship our clients have with a small but highly successful South Australian business.

One client, who is based in the United Kingdom, has also acknowledged the transparency and flexibility that we deliver, noting that the information received and the opportunity to influence and tailor our services is unlike anything they have seen before; especially with regards to the affordability of our services. In addition to this, our leading-edge pre-recorded video interview technology has proven to be a major time-saver in the interview process, even from the other side of the world. This opportunity has also helped to further expand the skillset of our staff who have had to think innovatively to overcome obstacles such as time zones, culture and communication differences.

With this expansion into the global market, Harrison McMillan are proving that by applying leading edge processes, systems and high level recruitment expertise, we can truly help any client find and secure the best possible candidate for their business, anywhere in the world.

The team at Harrison McMillan offer you access to high level recruitment expertise, no matter your size or budget. We provide you a flexible Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solution to help you identify and hire the right people to help your business grow.

Written by Lauren Marshall from Harrison McMillan.

For further information on how Harrison McMillan flexible Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solutions can help you identify and hire the right people please contact us on 08 7071 7094.