FIVEaa Interview – Talking Employment with Jodi Walton

Last Thursday night, Jodi Walton was invited to join FIVEaa Radio Presenter, Alan Hickey, to provide her opinion and insight regarding the state of employment in South Australia based on her 15 years’ experience in the Adelaide employment market.

To listen to the complete interview, please click on the links below.

Part 1:

Part 2:


The key takeaways of this interview were as follows:

  • MINING – Our State is shifting from non-renewable to renewable energy sources resulting in a “gap” in mining sector skill requirements.


  • ALINTA ENERGY – Leigh Creek has many skilled workers. How do they harness this experience to explore other opportunities or sectors such as tourism?


  • HOLDEN – The traditional manufacturing sector days are over. It is about re-skilling the current workforce. Not only Holden, but mining and energy workers also.


  • SHIFTS IN THE WORKFORCE – There are emerging sectors which requires different skills from employees. There are growing sectors such as Healthcare and Aged care that are continuing as well as new opportunities in agriculture and renewable energies which are presenting massive opportunities. Innovation and technology will continue to be a growth industry….so watch this space!


  • THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT THE WAY YOU RECRUIT – It is no longer about the technical expertise a candidate displays in their resume. At Harrison McMillan we understand a candidate’s soft skills (attitude and personality) and hard skills (experience) are transferrable. When hiring, think differently about what soft skills are required for the candidate to be successful. Also for candidates we can design and develop a resume and provide LinkedIn profile development to support them in their career transition.  We ensure you are job ready and targeted to your role.


  • FUTURE OF THE WORKFORCE – Follow your passion and keep your options open as wide as possible. As students, be open to technology subjects. During your career expect to work for over 10 companies, and consult your skills out to various organisations. Be open to creating multiple skillsets and using these simultaneously.


  • THE FUTURE –In the next 5-10 years there will be an emergence of creative industries as we are losing the manufacturing and mining industries.


Jodi believes the future of the Australian workplace is exciting not just for South Australia, but for Australia as a whole. We are well placed with our education and environment to provide products and services globally.

If you would like to find out more about Harrison McMillan and our disruptive recruitment services, please contact us at 08 7071 7094.