Behavioural Profiling – Learn the Universal Language of Behaviour

Harrison McMillan’s ‘Behavioural Profiling – Learn the Universal Language of Behaviour” Workshop will introduce your organisation to the DISC psychological profiling tool – a simple but powerful tool in understanding people and their behaviours. Understanding the different behavioural styles – both yours and others – provides you with a language (or a set of terms) to discuss how to improve communication, team cohesion, performance and productivity in your workplace.

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Recruitment Skills Training for Hiring Managers

With organisations constantly seeking ways to increase productivity, it is crucial that your Hiring Managers are skilled in effective recruitment and interview techniques. Harrison McMillan’s ‘Recruitment Skills Training for Hiring Managers’ program provides the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to achieve successful recruitment outcomes. It also provides a systematic approach to achieve a consistent and outcome-focused recruitment and selection process to improve the quality of hires within your organisation.

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