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Listed below are some of the top contractors we are currently working with. If you are interested in learning more about any of these candidates, or if you’d like to access other leading talent, get in touch with our team today.

Business Analyst

  • Experience: Over 10 Years in the Government and Private Sector
  • Skills: IT and Change Management
  • Qualifications: Master of Business Management
  • Availability: Available Immediately

HR Administrator

  • Experience: Over 10 Years of Recruitment Experience
  • Skills: Strong customer service abilities, sound HR knowledge & excellent administrative skills
  • Availability: Available Immediately


  • Experience: Over 10 Years of Technical Development Experience
  • Skills: Agile & Waterfall Expertise, strong With PHP, C#, ASP.Net & SQL
  • Qualifications: MBA Qualified
  • Availability: Available Immediately

Accounts Payable

  • Experience: Over 10 Years
  • Skills: Experience with multiple CRMs and strong customer focus
  • Availability: Available Immediately

Senior Technical BA

  • Experience: Over 10 Years
  • Skills: Certified BA professional, vast software packages experience and NV1 clearance
  • Availability: Available Immediately

Administration Assistant

  • Experience: From All Sectors
  • Skills: Sound Microsoft Suite experience,experience on a busy switchboard and fast data entry typing speed
  • Availability: Available Immediately


To find out more about our leading contractors, get in touch with our team at enquiries@harrisonmcmillan.com.au or give us a call on 08 7071 7273 today.