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How much do your services cost?

If you would like to get an estimation of how much a full or part process would cost, click here to ‘tailor a recruitment solution’. You can select a solution which is aligned with your needs and at the end you will see an estimation of how much it will cost.

How are you so much more affordable than the traditional recruitment agencies?

We are more affordable because, unlike the traditional recruitment agencies, we don’t charge a fee based on a % of a candidates salary.  Instead we partner with our clients on hourly consulting rates and fixed cost service levels. This makes us more affordable as our clients only need to pay for the services and expertise that they need and in turn we get remunerated for the services we provide.

Additionally, we have developed robust processes and principles and have implemented leading digital recruitment technology that enable us to provide high quality services at a lower cost than traditional recruitment providers. These systems include cloud-based information technology systems and processes based on Lean Management methodologies.

Is your fee payable irrespective of placement?

When you partner with Harrison McMillan you are engaging our expertise, our processes, our network and our technologies and therefore our fee is charged irrespective of placement. This ensures we can dedicate the time and follow the best processes to identify and select the very best candidate for your organisation. This also provides you the peace of mind that our advice is independent, advocating only for the best. Even though our fee is payable irrespective of placement we always want to ensure our clients receive value for money and an excellent service therefore we do offer our clients a guarantee.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we do. We are so confident that you will find value in our services that we guarantee you value! If at any point you feel you are not receiving value from our process, our technology or our recruitment expertise just let us know within 7 days of the task being completed and we will either refund the cost of that service or we will re-do the work until you are satisfied.

What industries do you specialise in?

We are specialists in recruitment and as such our Recruitment Partners can identify and source top talent for all organisations, whether you’re looking for nuclear specialists, technology guru’s, number crunchers, HR experts or administrators – we know how to find them all!

Key industries we recruit regularly for include: Information Technology, Human Resources, Executive, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Administration and Accounting and Finance.

What states/territories do you recruit in?

At Harrison McMillan we are all about innovation and as such we have implemented leading technology solutions to ensure we can recruit Australia-wide. We have access to over 6 million candidate resumes across Australia ensuring we have strong networks and we use cloud based video interviewing technology to ensure we can see and speak with our candidate no matter their location.  We have experience  recruiting positions in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland and Tasmania.  We have also undertaken numerous overseas recruitment assignments in the UK and United States.

Why did you decide to eliminate the % fee for placement model?

Because we thought there must be a better way for businesses to gain access to external expertise without having to pay a large and unreasonable placement fee. We wanted to bring trust and transparency back into the industry and there was clearly a gap in the market for a more affordable recruitment solution, specifically for small to medium businesses, who didn’t have access to adequate recruitment services that meet their requirements.  We are determined to change a number of things in the industry.

Do you run executive search assignments?

Absolutely – Our Senior Recruitment Partners and Directors are highly experienced in leading the end to end recruitment process for all executive levels, including executive search. Our solution is perfect for executive assignments as we provide you 100% transparency over the process while maintaining a high level of professionalism, ensuring you can identify and hire the best leaders for your business.

Do you offer contracting resources?

Yes absolutely! Check out our contracting page

Will you charge me another fee if I want to hire more than one person through the process?

Absolutely NOT! You can hire as many people as you like and you only need to pay for the additional services you require (i.e extra reference checks or offer management services). Our recruitment solution is great for volume assignments. We pride ourselves on no hidden fees, or no surprises on your invoices. Any extra services will be discussed and approved by you prior to undertaking the task.

Do you provide psychometric testing or behavioral profiling?

Yes- Harrison McMillan utilise leading online behavioral profiling to assess how a person is likely to behave and communicate in a work situation. We believe an individual’s unique behavioural profile needs to be considered in the context of the specific job requirements to ensure there is a compatibility between the candidate and the position they have applied for. We love talking about testing so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Do you offer HR Support Services as well?

Yes, Harrison McMillan offer human resources services from administration to high level consulting, providing support and advice to our clients on a variety of human resources matters.

How much involvement will I have throughout the recruitment process?

As much or as little as you want! Our Recruitment Partners will work collaboratively with you to customise a solution to meet your requirements, depending on how much time you have available and how much involvement you would like to have.

Can I contact candidates for future roles down the track using the information provided by Harrison McMillan?

Yes! We provide you with the full contact details for all candidates throughout your recruitment process, which you are welcome to contact at any time, during or after the recruitment process.

Do you offer insights into remuneration?

Yes! Harrison McMillian offer salary benchmarking to provide clients with objective and transparent information on what the market is offering for a specific position in a variety of industries.

Can I request which Recruitment Partner I want to work with?

Yes you can, if there is a specific Recruitment Partner you would prefer to work with, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your preference, otherwise we will allocate a Recruitment Partner best suited to assist you with your role requirements.

Can I request a Harrison McMillan Director to assist me with the recruitment process?

Absolutely, Dani and Jodi are always happy to lead the recruitment process for your organisation. We provide you with the flexibility to choose the level of recruitment expertise you require. Different levels of experience are aligned with different hourly rates.

Where did the name Harrison McMillan come from?

Well, they are our founders Mums’ maiden names. It was their way of saying “thank you” to them for bringing them up to believe that they can do whatever they put their minds to, that they can be strong and independent as well as kind and considerate. It is a dedication to their Mums’ who brought them up in a time when staying at home to bring up their kids was not seen as a sacrifice even though they gave up a lot to do it and for being proud of them, just for giving it their best.

How much information do you need to provide when briefing you on our job?

We encourage you to meet with us face-to-face and leave around 45 minutes for a briefing conversation so that we can find out everything we need about the role, your organisation and how you would like to partner with us. Our Recruitment Partners know the right questions to ask to understand your brief, saving you time in the long run.