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Two System Support Officers for the Price of One!

The Project

Subnet needed to fill a newly created role in the Client Services Division due to increased business growth. The vacancy was for a Systems Support Officer which supports Subnet’s clients in resolving IT issues in a prompt and timely manner.

The Client: Subnet

Subnet is a South Australian owned and managed IT company, partnering with organisations to provide a vast range of technology solutions. Subnet have been a trusted IT partner for organisations for over 14 years, providing services to over 300 customers across South Australia. Subnet values their employees by offering an extensive Employee Wellbeing Program and fostering an inclusive and supportive team environment.

Harrison McMillan’s Solution

Harrison McMillan partnered with Subnet on a complete end to end assignment where they engaged on ad hoc hourly rates for the recruitment service that was provided.

The Process

  • Dani Bieg and Rochelle White met with Subnet to discuss the position in detail, the recruitment strategy and compile an estimate of the time and cost for the recruitment process tasks Subnet wanted assistance with. In this case, it was a full end to end recruitment process.
  • We implemented a strong marketing campaign which included advertising on SEEK, the Harrison McMillan website, LinkedIn and via other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Additionally we undertook pro-active strategic sourcing / head hunting using our 3 digital databases ensuring a thorough sourcing approach was taken.
  • Over the course of five business days Harrison McMillan identified a longlist of 12 candidates who aligned with Subnet’s essential and desirable skills, knowledge and experience.
  • There were 12 standout candidates and to reduce this number we recommended asking the candidates to complete a Pre-Recorded Video Interview in order to see their body language, presentation skills and assess their communications skills.
  • Subsequently this reduced the long list down to six who we progressed to a detailed telephone interview.
  • After further review of the candidate’s telephone and video interview notes against Subnet’s key criteria and cultural fit requirements Harrison McMillan shortlisted four candidates to interview directly with Subnet.
  • Subnet identified two candidates as ‘stand out’ at the interview process who met all their essential criteria for the role whilst also exhibiting the values of the organisation.
  • Reference checks were then undertaken.

The total time the end to end process took was 27 hours facilitated by Harrison McMillan over a period of 14 business days.

The Outcome

Subnet had a challenging task of choosing between two standout candidates and thus sought management approval to hire both. This was approved and Subnet hired both of the candidates for no additional fee!

The Cost

The end to end recruitment process totalled $4995.00 plus GST! Yes that is correct they outsourced the end to end recruitment process and hired 2 x Systems Support for under $5000 plus GST!

The Savings

When we talk about savings we are referring to how much this would have cost our clients if they chose to engage a ‘traditional recruitment’ agency on the average fee of 12% of the candidate’s annual salary.

If Subnet had engaged a traditional agency they would have paid a total of $14,395 plus GST…WOW!

By Subnet thinking differently about the way they hire and engaging Harrison McMillan as their outsourced recruitment team, this resulted in them saving $9,400 plus GST.

Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Rochelle White – Recruitment Partner Rochelle was the primary Recruitment Partner on this assignment and prides herself on her ability to deliver high quality outcomes to her clients, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and communication to both clients and candidates alike. Rochelle took ownership of Account Managing Subnet on this assignment where she was able to maintain communication with the client and candidates to ensure timely and consistent feedback on the assignments was reached to all involved. She was also responsible for ensuring deadlines and budgetary requirements were met as instructed by Subnet. On our client feedback survey the client rates Rochelle’s communication and knowledge of the recruitment industry 5/5.

Dani Bieg – Director – Dani has been working closely with Subnet’s management, providing her expert knowledge with over nine years of recruitment and human resource experience. Throughout the recruitment drive for the positions with Subnet, Dani oversaw the timely delivery of promised outcomes and worked to ensure the high standard of work delivered.


Project Key Personnel

Dani Cuff


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