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The Project

The Peregrine Corporation has a large internal HR/ Recruitment team, however, during periods of peak workload they have utilised the flexible services of Harrison McMillan to assist with their recruitment needs. In June 2016 the internal IT team at Peregrine was experiencing rapid growth with an estimated head count increase of 12 FTE staff by December 2016. Peregrine decided to engage with the flexible approach Harrison McMillan offers to pick and choose the services they required assistance with, and keep the functions in-house that they had the capacity to manage. Peregrine outsourced parts of the process for three highly technical IT roles.

The Client

The Peregrine Corporation is the largest private company in South Australia employing over 3000 people and continuing to grow within the retail sector. Their excellence in retail operations is recognised at an international level. The group also holds significant property development, investment and agriculture interests and is a wholesale distributor of fuel products.

Harrison McMillan’s Solution

Harrison McMillan scheduled a meeting with the Head of HR, CIO and Infrastructure Manager in order to gain a clear understanding for the rapid growth being experienced by the IT team and how Harrison McMillan could assist. The HR Manager had highlighted three highly technical roles (SQL Data Analyst, Project Manager – Applications & Service Desk Manager) which they wanted Harrison McMillan to assist in the following areas:

  • Develop structured and targeted advertisements to attract top talent.
  • Management of the candidate advertisement response and assessment of the applications received.
  • Engage in strategic sourcing utilising social media, digital databases and referrals to ensure all avenues were addressed in finding top talent.
  • Collate all information and submit a longlist to Peregrine, highlighting the best suited and experienced candidates for each role.
  • The Peregrine HR Team were able to utilise the information that was delivered to organise telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and reference checks directly internally.
  • Once the process was completed internally, Harrison McMillan assisted Peregrine in notifying all unsuccessful applicants on the outcome and delivering feedback on the process.

The total time the end to end process took for each role was spread out over approximately 20 business days. Between 15-18 hours were charged by Harrison McMillan for assistance on each role.

The Outcome

Peregrine Corporation are equipped to handle high volume recruitment due to the nature of the business. However, due to the complexity of the IT roles they did decide to outsource part of the process for three of the roles. This resulted in three successful placements into three newly created positions for the business.

The Cost

Between 15-18 hours were charged for each role which equated to approximately $2775.00 – $3330.00 plus GST in total.

This is a huge saving, especially if Peregrine were to engage with an agency who does not offer unbundled approaches and a full fee for placement of between $10,200.00 – $12,500.00 plus GST would have been payable in the current market.

How this compares to ‘traditional’ agencies?

The advantage of engaging with Harrison McMillan for companies like Peregrine who have internal HR resources is that they are able to utilise our expertise during the parts of the process, where they feel they are either lacking the knowledge or simply do not have the time to complete the recruitment process. This not only reduces their overall spend as many ‘traditional’ agencies do not offer this flexibility, but also offers an extremely transparent process where the Intellectual Property generated can be kept and referred back to in the future.

Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Dani Bieg – Director – Dani has been working closely with Peregrine’s HR team for a couple of years. Harrison McMillan has provided recruitment expertise within the IT, Finance and Retail Departments on various assignments. Dani provides her expert knowledge with over nine years of recruitment and human resource experience. Throughout the recruitment drive for the positions with Peregrine, Dani oversaw the timely delivery of promised outcomes and worked to ensure the high standard of work delivered.

Rochelle White – Recruitment Partner – Rochelle was the primary Recruitment Partner on this assignment and prides herself on her ability to deliver high quality outcomes to her clients, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and communication to both clients and candidates alike. Rochelle took ownership of Account Managing Peregrine on this assignment where she was able to maintain communication with the client and candidates to ensure timely and consistent feedback on the assignments was reached to all involved. She was also responsible for ensuring deadlines and budgetary requirements were met as instructed by Peregrine.


Project Key Personnel

Dani Cuff


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