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Nuclear Physicist anyone?

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission (Attorney-General’s Department)


The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission was established by the South Australian Government to undertake an independent and comprehensive investigation into South Australia’s participation in the four areas of activity that form part of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Those activities relate to the potential for the expansion of exploration and extraction of minerals, and the undertaking of further processing of minerals and manufacture of materials containing radioactive substances, use of nuclear fuels for electricity generation and the storage and disposal of radioactive and nuclear waste.

The Essentials

In March 2015, The Nuclear Royal Commission required 4 Research Officers and 1 Research Lead, all with extensive knowledge in specific scientific disciplines such as Geology, Physics, and Chemistry.

  • It was crucial that the Research Officers and Research Lead had relatable academic or commercial ties to the Nuclear Industry.
  • The Nuclear Commission had committed to conclude its investigation and present a report based on its findings by no later than 6 May 2016.

Harrison McMillan’s Solution

Working hand-in-hand with the Nuclear Royal Commission, Harrison McMillan’s Director and Recruitment Partners began with an immediate advertising campaign, utilising job seeking websites such as SEEK but also using ‘digital sourcing’ strategies to target job seekers in social media communities such as LinkedIn and Nuclear Industry-related online communities. To ensure we covered the market we also approached academic and commercial professionals already in the Nuclear Industry to identify candidates not actively looking for new roles but open to short term 12 month opportunities that would further their own careers.

Daily and weekly reporting and formal communication tools were implemented to track the targets set by the Commission and to ensure that all Royal Commission stakeholders were kept up to date and were able to contribute on progress throughout the full lifecycle of the recruitment process.

The Result

In addition to the Director and Recruitment Partners filling the 5 positions within the agreed challenging timeframes, the following achievements were also met.

  • 255 applicants were assessed for suitability
  • A further 43 Nuclear professionals were digitally sourced and contacted to be a part of the recruitment drive
  • All successfully placed Research Officers accepted packages within the budgets set by the Royal Commission
  • Out of the unsuccessful short-listed candidates a pool of professionals were identified that would be able to act in a consulting capacity to assist the Research Team on an ad hoc basis throughout the project

Fee savings to clients (Based on average “traditional” recruitment agency fees) – $102,363.00

Project Key Personnel

Jodi Walton

Managing Director

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