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Chamonix IT Consulting

Chamonix is a multi-award winning IT Consulting business providing services across the full lifecycle of systems integration projects to enterprise and state government clients. Their success is based upon their sharp, passionate and intelligent approach to service delivery and implementation, constantly exceeding expectations in creative information systems.

Their people are their strength and whether a client’s needs are based around implementation of proprietary applications, managing complex and varied intelligent and transformational projects or developing cloud interfacing technologies, it is through their outstanding knowledge base and visionary purpose they drive value out of enterprise solutions.


The Essentials

In April 2016 Chamonix required multiple IT resources for a number of strategic, transformational leading edge projects which were won simultaneously with a high degree of urgency surrounding the project deadlines.

  • The positions ranged from high level project leaders from Project Management, PMO and Business Analysts to highly technical Integration Architects and Data & Analytics Consultants
  • Chamonix required the resources to start immediately or at most within one week based in Adelaide
  • It was highly advantageous that the candidates had previous IT consulting experience and were specialists using Microsoft technologies, specifically having expertise working in cloud environments


Harrison McMillan’s Solution

In early 2016 Chamonix had signed up to one of Harrison McMillan’s Monthly Support Plans. This meant Harrison McMillan effectively worked exclusively with Chamonix, providing an internal recruitment solution for the organisation across all contract and permanent positions. Dani Bieg, Rochelle White and Chantelle Minervini met with Chamonix to formulate a plan to source top talent for multiple highly technical roles in a short time period spanning multiple industries. It was evident that five roles needed to be filled as a matter of urgency to start the following Monday.  The solution to run an immediate and aggressive marketing campaign utilising websites such as SEEK nationwide, but also using digital sourcing strategies to target job seekers in social media communities such as LinkedIn and technology specific user groups was initiated.

A spreadsheet was created for this assignment which Chamonix and Harrison McMillan had access to at all times which was updated throughout the day so at any point Chamonix would know who had been contacted, who had been telephone screened and the interviews booked for the coming days for each required skill set. Due to the complexity and niche skill sets of some of the technical roles, sourcing methods through SEEK Premium, LinkedIn Recruiter and Harrison McMillan’s internal database were essential in trying to find top talent.

The Result

In addition to the immediate five resources that were required within one week to start on the Monday, the following achievements were also met:

  • In total nine resources were placed, with six permanent placements and three contractors with potential view for permanency long term
  • Nine advertisements were placed across Australia which led to two candidates re-locating to Adelaide
  • A further five candidates were put on hold for potential offers to be made at an appropriate time when project pipelines were defined in the new financial year, each of these candidates were interviewed and deemed a resource worth pursuing when the time is right
  • The six permanent placements working on an average % placement fee of 12% would have equated to a fee of approximately $72,900 excluding GST
  • The three contractors were taken on board for three months, and if Chamonix decide to take on either/ all of the candidates on a permanent basis no further fee is payable to Harrison McMillan
  • Chamonix was signed up to a Monthly Support Plan with Harrison McMillan which equates to $6750.00 charged per month for outsourced Human Resource services which meant the process was even more cost efficient for the client

Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Rochelle White – Recruitment Partner Rochelle was the primary Recruitment Partner on this assignment and prides herself on her ability to deliver high quality outcomes to her Clients, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and communication to both Clients and Candidates alike. Rochelle took ownership of Account Managing Chamonix where she was able to maintain communication with the client and candidates to ensure timely and consistent feedback on the assignments was reached to all involved. She was also responsible for ensuring deadlines and budgetary requirements were met as instructed by Chamonix.

Chantelle Minervini – Recruitment Partner – Striving to present quality candidates in a timely fashion, Chantelle took a dual approach which saw the advertising on Seek and digital sourcing of candidates. Chantelle evaluated a high volume of interested candidates for this position, touching base with all candidates to ensure every candidates knew how their application had progressed. Chantelle is a passionate and dedicated Recruitment Partner with over 5 years combined theoretical and practical knowledge in human resource management, she strives for placement of candidates and an overall positive outcome for clients.

Dani Bieg – Director – Dani has been working closely with Chamonix’s management, providing her expert knowledge with over nine years of recruitment and human resource experience. Throughout the recruitment drive for the positions with Chamonix, Dani oversaw the timely delivery of promised outcomes and worked to ensure the high standard of work delivered.

Project Key Personnel

Dani Cuff


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