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High Volume Recruitment and The Harrison McMillan Model

The Projects

ASC hold a highly successful Apprenticeship Program each year providing entry level candidates an opportunity to work on Australia’s most innovative and challenging defence projects. This Program holds opportunities in the trade areas of Electrical, Mechanical and Fabrication. Harrison McMillan were engaged to run the recruitment drive for both the SA and WA Apprenticeship Programs for 2016.

Flinders Port Holdings offer multiple casual positions yearly in the area of General Stevedoring for the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal. The vacancy Flinders Port Holdings needed to fill required 12 General Stevedores who are safety orientated to undertake 24/7 shifts operating heavy machinery.

The Clients: Australian Submarine Corporation and Flinders Port Holdings

ASC is home to Australia’s largest and most highly skilled naval design and engineering workforce. From the construction and maintenance of Collins Class submarines to building the Air Warfare Destroyers for the Royal Australian Navy, they are recognised as a world leader in their field.

The Flinders Port Holdings Group owns a number of subsidiary businesses that provide port, logistics and marine services across South Australian ports. Flinders Ports is South Australia’s leading port operator with seven ports. The Flinders Port Holdings Group also provides stevedoring (container and general) and logistics services. Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal is the sole container terminal operator in South Australia handling approximately 280,000 containers per year.

Harrison McMillan’s Solution

So why were Harrison McMillan asked to run the recruitment for these high volume assignments?

Harrison McMillan behaves as a client’s internal recruitment team, where the client has access to our leading technology, processes and recruitment expertise, as well as having the flexibility to select from a variety of recruitment services.

Due to the sheer number of candidates involved, high volume recruitment assignments come with large amounts of administration and candidate management required in order to run an efficient process end to end. Harrison McMillan’s service provided our clients’ the ability to choose only the recruitment services they required to assist their internal HR team with the overflow recruitment and administration duties.

Harrison McMillan partnered with both clients on end to end assignments where the recruitment services were selected based on their needs and budgets. Both clients engaged on Harrison McMillan’s Pay-As-You-Go hourly rate recruitment model for the recruitment services that were provided.

The Process

  • Jodi Walton and Paige Folland had an initial meeting with both clients to undertake a position briefing and discuss the strategy and approach for each role and the recruitment services which were required.
  • Due to the high volume of both assignments, Harrison McMillan created a concise and targeted advertisement addressing the key selection criteria.
  • Recruitment services which were utilised by both clients included developing recruitment process templates, advertisement writing and posting, candidate acknowledgement and response emails, assessment of candidate applications (400 – 500 applications per role), shortlisting, booking and scheduling interviews, reference checking, redirections to unsuccessful candidates, administration, candidate management and project management by Director.
  • Confirming Harrison McMillan’s understanding that each recruitment assignment may need to differ depending on the company and the role, each client also had differences within their recruitment process.
  • ASC chose to also include coordinating testing (75 SA and 31 WA candidates) following assessment of candidate applications and coordinating medical appointments prior to reference checking.
  • Flinders Port Holdings chose to also include telephone interviewing (120 candidates) following assessment of candidate applications, utilising pre-recorded video interviews (77) for shortlisted candidates and booking and scheduling ‘meet and greets’ prior to candidates being offered the role.
  • Both assignments were undertaken over a time length of 6 months with these set time frames established within the initial meeting with the client.


The Outcome

ASC WA decided to take on 4 apprentices for their 2016 Apprenticeship Program including 2 Mechanical apprentices and 2 Electrical apprentices.

ASC SA decided to take on 10 apprentices for their 2016 Apprenticeship Program including 3 Mechanical apprentices, 4 Fabrication apprentices and 3 Electrical apprentices.

Flinders Port Holdings decided to take on 12 General Stevedores.

The entire fee for the end to end recruitment process for ASC totalled $19,300.97 + GST.

The entire fee for the end to end recruitment process for Flinders Port Holdings totalled $9,982.78 + GST.

The Savings

This resulted in a combined saving of approximately $124,316.00 plus GST when compared with a traditional recruitment agency fee (charging a % of the candidate’s salary package) operating off of a 12% charge rate.

Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Paige Folland – Recruitment Partner – Paige is a degree qualified HR professional and possesses several years’ experience in customer-focused positions. Paige was the primary Recruitment Coordinator on these assignments and leveraged her extensive administration experience and HR knowledge to deliver on all recruitment process tasks and coordinate excellent candidate management, as well as ensuring quality work was produced for our clients throughout the entire recruitment process.

Chantelle Minervini – Recruitment Partner – Chantelle is a degree qualified HR professional and possesses 3 years’ experience working within recruitment and HR positions. Chantelle worked on these assignments assisting with key recruitment process tasks, ensuring timely candidate management throughout the end to end process and the overall coordination of these roles to ensure a high standard of work was delivered.

Jodi Walton – Director – Jodi possesses over 20 years of recruitment and human resource experience and is known for her calm, professional and people-oriented approach to consulting. Jodi has been working closely with ASC and Flinders Port Holdings management and has built strong relationships with these key clients. Throughout both high volume recruitment projects, Jodi was the Account Manager and oversaw the timely delivery of promised outcomes and time frames, as well as coordinating the Harrison McMillan team members assigned to each recruitment task.

As Harrison McMillan act as an internal recruitment team available on demand, additional Recruitment Partners also were involved in running some recruitment process tasks.








Project Key Personnel

Jodi Walton

Managing Director

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