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Harrison McMillan: Hiring Procurement Professionals

The Project

Hoshizaki Lancer decided to go to market for a new Purchasing Officer after evaluating their employment needs and noting the increase of workload within their purchasing team. Hoshizaki Lancer hold a strong focus on organisational and team culture and as such they wanted to work with a true recruitment partner who would take the time to fully understand their cultural requirements. They engaged Harrison McMillan to identify candidates who not only fit the skills and experience requirement but also aligned with their culture. As Harrison McMillan behaves like an outsourced internal recruitment team and have a strong focus on protecting our clients culture we were selected for this assignment.

The Client

Hoshizaki Lancer are a world leader in draught beer, soft drink and frozen beverage dispense systems, ice machines and professional food service refrigeration and freezer units. They are also Australia’s largest beer system installer and maintenance service provider.  

Harrison McMillan’s Solution

Harrison McMillan scheduled a meeting with the Hiring Managers to gain a clear understanding of the role requirements and how Harrison McMillan would be able to assist. Harrison McMillan met face to face with the Hiring Managers in their head office, which allowed Harrison McMillan to better understand the culture and environment the Purchasing Officer would be working in. Harrison McMillan were also given the opportunity to meet and talk with the two other team members that the new hire would be working with, which allowed genuine insight into the internal team dynamics and the type of personality that would mesh well with the team.  The Hiring Managers engaged Harrison McMillan in a where they required Harrison McMillan to tailor a solution based on their needs and budget. This included; advertising, strategically source and producing a shortlist of candidates who were able to demonstrate through our screening process they met the position requirements. Due to the tailorable service which Harrison McMillan offer, Hoshizaki Lancer selected to undertake their own reference checks to reduce costs and to probe deeply on the areas that were most important to them. Harrison McMillan followed the below process to reach an outcome:

  • Developed a structured and targeted advertisement to attract top talent and promote the Hoshizaki Lancer brand
  • Managed the candidate advertisement response and assessed the applications received against the key requirements communicated by the client
  • Undertook strategic sourcing utilising social media, digital databases and referrals, in addition to proactively contacting desirable candidates to ensure that every possible candidate and avenue to access suitable candidates had been explored
  • Collated all information and submitted a longlist to Hoshizaki Lancer, highlighting the best suited and most experienced candidates for the role making a recommendation to progress those candidates to phone interview with Harrison McMillan
  • Engaged the recommended candidates in phone and video interview to allow Harrison McMillan to thoroughly assess not only their technical capability but their ability to fit with the client values and organisational culture
  • Presented a final shortlist to the client through a structured matrix, detailed phone interview notes and link to the final video interview
  • Harrison McMillan made a recommendation of preferred candidates to interview and held a detailed phone conversation with the client to introduce them to each candidate
  • Upon client feedback, Harrison McMillan booked and scheduled interviews on behalf of the client with the preferred candidates and sought feedback from both parties after the interview
  • Once the process was completed, Harrison McMillan assisted Hoshizaki Lancer in notifying all unsuccessful applicants on the outcome and delivering feedback on the process

The tailored process took our Recruitment Partners 25 hours to complete and was spread across 10 business days.

The Outcome

We positioned ourselves for success from the beginning of the assignment by taking the initial time to fully understand Hoshizaki Lancer’s internal culture, team personalities and technical requirements, prior to launching the recruitment process. We delivered a strong shortlist of 3 candidates who the client progressed to interview. The client was faced with an ideal situation where they would have happily hired any of the candidates that they interviewed. Choosing, in the end, to progress a candidate from interstate who was strategically sourced by Harrison McMillan, they successfully hired the newest addition to their team.

The Cost

It cost Hoshizaki Lancer $4,402.80 plus GST. to identity and hire an excellent procurement professional for their team.

If, Hoshizaki Lancer had engaged with an agency on the ‘traditional’ model of charging a % placement fee (around 15%) based on the annual salary of the candidate who was selected it would have cost them around $9,855.00 plus GST.

By partnering with Harrison McMillan on our flexible, Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solution resulted in a savings of $5,452.20 plus GST!

Key Benefits of Using the Harrison McMillan Model

Harrison McMillan offer a highly transparent and tailorable service which allows so much flexibility and value for money for our clients. Hoshizaki Lancer were able to choose where they wanted Harrison McMillan to spend most of their time. This included spending extra time in the initial briefing meeting at the very beginning of the process to understand their needs and also spending extensive time strategic sourcing top talent.

Hoshizaki Lancer utilised the tailorable, pay-as-you-go-service by managing the reference checking process in-house. This meant that they were able to outsource the time consuming and complex parts of the recruitment process that they were not able to manage yet still undertake aspects of the process that they had the time and expertise for.

Given Harrison McMillan undertook a dual approach to candidate attraction, Hoshizaki Lancer also had access to a huge pool of Purchasing Officer’s in the market. This intellectual property belongs to the client as that is the material that they paid for. So, should another requirement arise in the future, they are able to revisit the matrix and access the candidates contact details and resumes to reach out to them at no additional cost.

Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Dani Bieg – Director – Dani has developed a strong working relationship with Hoshizaki Lancer and provided her expert knowledge with over nine years of recruitment and human resource experience to oversee the entire recruitment process. Throughout the recruitment drive for the Purchasing Officer, Dani oversaw the timely delivery of promised outcomes and ensured that a high standard of work was delivered.

Lauren MarshallRecruitment Partner Lauren was the primary Recruitment Partner on this assignment. She prides herself on her ability to deliver high quality outcomes to her clients, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and communication to both clients and candidates alike. Lauren took ownership of account managing Hoshizaki Lancer on this project where she was able to maintain communication with the client and candidates to ensure timely and consistent feedback on the assignment was reached to all involved. She was also responsible for ensuring deadlines and budgetary requirements were met as instructed.


Project Key Personnel

Dani Cuff


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