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Harrison McMillan: 6x Architects successful placed with tier 1 firm, Architectus

The Project

The commercial Architecture employment market, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, is a thriving and highly competitive space. As such there is high demand for skilled and qualified candidates across a number of high level and internationally acclaimed projects. These projects have created competition for top talent which has resulted in a highly engaged workforce and as such, minimal candidates who are actively looking for employment. Harrison McMillan were approached by Architectus to assist them in finding junior, middle and senior level Architects through non-traditional methods, for their Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney offices. Running the process from SA, Harrison McMillan ran an end-to-end, pay-as-you-go recruitment process for each of Architectus’ positions with a strong focus on strategic sourcing and active head hunting.

The Client

Architectus is a leading design studio that brings together the experience of more than 250 Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Designers and Urban Planners. Architectus’ focus includes high rise commercial, multi residential, tertiary education, aviation and rail. They also have a high profile in the public place sector. Its track record in successful collaborations on significant landmark projects is an area that the company will continue to foster and grow in the future.

Harrison McMillan’s Solution

Harrison McMillan scheduled a meeting with each of the Hiring Managers in order to gain a clear understanding of their requirements and how Harrison McMillan would be able to assist in meeting these requirements. Harrison McMillan met face to face with the Hiring Manager in Adelaide however conducted a phone conference with the 2 Hiring Managers who were based in Melbourne and Sydney. All Hiring Managers engaged Harrison McMillan in an end-to-end recruitment process. Harrison McMillan followed the below end to end process:

  • Developed structured and targeted advertisements to attract top talent and promote the Architectus brand
  • Managed the candidate advertisement response and assessment of the applications received against the key requirements of the client
  • Engaged in strategic sourcing utilising social media, digital databases, referrals, forums and key universities in addition to proactively contacting desirable candidates to ensure that every possible candidate and avenue to access them had been explored
  • Collated all information and submitted a longlist to Architectus, highlighting the best suited and experienced candidates for each role making a recommendation to progress those candidates to phone interview with Harrison McMillan
  • Engaged the recommended candidates in phone and video interview to allow Harrison McMillan to thoroughly assess not only their technical capability but their ability to fit with the client values and organisation vision
  • Presented a final shortlist to the client through a structured matrix, detailed phone interview notes and link to the final video interview. Made a recommendation of preferred candidates to interview and held a detailed phone conversation with the client to introduce them to each candidate.
  • Upon client feedback, booked and scheduled interviews on behalf of the client with the preferred candidates and sought feedback from both parties after the interview
  • Reference checked the final candidates in readiness for an offer of employment
  • Once the process was completed, Harrison McMillan assisted Architectus in notifying all unsuccessful applicants on the outcome and delivering feedback on the process

The total time that the end to end process took for each role was spread out over approximately 30 business days. An average of 28 hours was charged by Harrison McMillan for assistance on each role.

The Outcome

Due to the competitive and fast moving market in commercial Architecture, Architectus felt they would be best positioned to focus a dedicated resource on their recruitment requirements. In dedicating their time, systems and expertise, Harrison McMillan successfully placed six highly skilled Architects into newly created positions within Architectus, nationally. Harrison McMillan were also pleased to place one highly skilled candidate from the UK into the Adelaide Office in a senior position. Without the access to Harrison McMillan’s leading-edge technology and high-level expertise, this would not have been possible.

The Cost

An average of 28 hours was charged for each role which equated to approximately $5,180 plus GST per placement. This is a huge saving, especially if Architectus were to engage with an Agency who does not offer a flexible, pay-as-you-go approach to recruitment. A full fee-for-placement process would have cost Architectus on average, $11,100 plus GST per placement based on the current agency market rates.

Architectus saved $35,520 plus GST by using Harrison McMillan

Key Benefits of Using the Harrison McMillan Model

The advantage of engaging with Harrison McMillan for companies like Architectus is that Harrison McMillan are able to alleviate time pressures on Hiring Managers and dedicate their time wholly to finding the right candidates. Busy Hiring Managers generally do not have the resources or expertise available to them to tap into passive networks through strategic sourcing nor do they have the time to run a thorough process. Harrison McMillan are completely equipped with expertise, resources, systems and time to do this.

The employment market in Melbourne and Sydney is very competitive and Harrison McMillan dedicated their time to actively head hunting desirable candidates to overcome this. Through leading-edge systems and technology, Harrison McMillan gained access to candidates not only nationally but also internationally. Given the time constraints for the Hiring Managers, accessing candidates like this, simply wasn’t an option for them.

Harrison McMillan’s services not only reduced Architectus’ overall time required in the recruitment process, it also reduced their recruitment spend as many ‘traditional’ agencies do not offer the pay-as-you-go flexible services. Harrison McMillan’s services also offer an extremely transparent process where the intellectual property generated can be kept and referred back to for future hires.

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Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Dani Bieg – Director – Dani has developed a strong working relationship with Architectus nationally and provided her expert knowledge with over nine years of recruitment and human resource experience to oversee the entire recruitment process. Throughout the recruitment drive for the positions with Architectus, Dani oversaw the timely delivery of promised outcomes and worked to ensure that a high standard of work was delivered.

Lauren MarshallRecruitment PartnerLauren was the primary Recruitment Partner on this assignment. She prides herself on her ability to deliver high quality outcomes to her clients, whilst maintaining excellent customer service and communication to both clients and candidates alike. Lauren took ownership of Account Managing Architectus across three states on this project where she was able to maintain communication with the client and candidates to ensure timely and consistent feedback on the assignments was reached to all involved. She was also responsible for ensuring deadlines and budgetary requirements were met as instructed.

Paige Folland – Recruitment Partner – Paige is a degree qualified HR professional and possesses several years’ experience in customer-focused positions. Paige was an additional Recruitment Partner on these assignments and leveraged her extensive administration experience and HR knowledge to deliver on all recruitment process tasks and coordinate excellent candidate management, as well as ensuring quality work was produced for our clients throughout the entire recruitment process.


Project Key Personnel

Dani Cuff

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