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Boost your Ad the Harrison McMillan way!

The Project
Stratco engaged Harrison McMillan to customise a solution to increase the caliber of applications they were receiving, for advertisements their internal recruitment team had originally designed and published.

The Client: Stratco
Stratco are one of Australia’s largest producers of quality building and home improvement products with their head office based in Adelaide, South Australia. With over 70 years’ experience, state of the art manufacturing facilities in all mainland states of Australia, and an established chain of home improvement stores nation-wide, Stratco actively pursue an international presence.

Harrison McMillan’s Solution
Due to the flexibility of Harrison McMillan’s Pay-As-You-Go model, Stratco were able to pick from our wide range of services to create the most efficient and cost-effective recruitment process to suit their needs.

Stratco partnered with Harrison McMillan to source and approach highly skilled candidates for roles including: Digital Marketing Manager, Senior BI Analyst and a Network & Infrastructure Manager. Harrison McMillan identified and reached out to suitable candidates, generating interest in both the role and company and encouraging the candidates to apply through Stratco’s original advertisement.

The Process

  • Rochelle White took a brief on both the Senior BI Analyst and the Network Infrastructure Manager, whilst Roz Pontifex took a detailed brief for the Digital Marketing Manager role.
  • An estimate was provided to Stratco with time allocated to strategically head hunt and direct candidates to apply through Stratco’s Ad
  • A targeted headhunting approach was undertaken utilising Harrison McMillan’s access to 3 digital databases. Harrison McMillan would then contact qualified candidates to generate interest in the roles by providing information on the positions and the organisation to boost the applications for the role. Candidates were provided with website links to apply directly for the roles.
  • A longlist matrix was generated and sent to Stratco. This demonstrated all the candidates that had been contacted in the allocated time and who would and wouldn’t be applying. This was done to show Stratco which candidate applications to keep an eye out for.
  • From this point Stratco undertook the remainder of the recruitment process internally.

The Outcome
Of the candidates that were approached by Harrison McMillan:

  • 5 candidates applied for the Senior BI opportunity,
  • 7 candidates applied for the Digital Marketing Manager, out of which 3 have progressed to second-round interviews which are currently underway, and
  • 5 candidates applied for the Network & Infrastructure Manager, with one of the sourced candidates having since been offered and placed in the role with Stratco.

The Savings
Harrison McMillan utilised 10 hours for the Senior BI Analyst and 10 hours for the Network & Infrastructure Manager, at a cost of $2,167.00 per role. Had these roles been placed by a traditional recruitment agency (where you are charged a percentage fee of the roles salary) it could have cost Stratco $14,400 based on an average charge rate of 12%. That’s over 5 times less the cost of using a traditional recruitment agency.

Similarly, 7 hours were utilised for the Digital Marketing Manager opportunity at a total cost of $1,462.73. Alike the above roles it would have cost Stratco approximately $13,200 if it had been placed by a traditional agency.

This is a saving of over $10,000 for each role!

Harrison McMillan’s Key Project Personnel

Rochelle White – Lead Recruitment Partner
Rochelle took ownership of Account Managing Stratco where she was maintaining communication with the client on the process and ensuring that the project was completed on time and on budget.

Hayley Williger – Lead Recruitment Partner
Hayley was responsible for the engagement of the 5 candidates who expressed a willingness to apply for the Senior BI Analyst. She used her first-class communication and stakeholder management skills to pursue these candidates.

Rachelle Delaporte – Recruitment Partner
Rachelle took the lead on candidate management and sourcing for the Network & Infrastructure Manager opportunity. She was able to gain the interest and applications for the 5 candidates that applied resulting in a sourced candidate successfully obtaining the role.

Roz Pontifex – Recruitment Partner
Roz used her expertise to strategically headhunt candidates for the Digital Marketing Manager position. She was successful in attracting the right candidates, so much so that 3 candidates progressed through to second-round interviews.

Project Key Personnel

Rachelle Delaporte

Sales & Marketing Partner

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