Revolutionising the recruitment business model!

In late 2016, Harrison McMillan was announced as the Most Innovative Agency of the Year at the SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards! We have been overwhelmed with the kind words and we are honoured to receive such a high level of recognition for our innovative business model.

As part of winning this award, SEEK stopped by the office to go behind the scenes and to capture why we are the most innovative agency in Australia and uncover how we have built an innovative business model that offers greater flexibility for clients.

Check out the video here: SEEK Presents – Revolutionising the recruitment business model: Harrison McMillan

The video captures the purpose of creating Harrison McMillan – with the aim to change the game and to fill the gap in the market for an affordable yet trustworthy recruitment solution. Our team is passionate about helping businesses identify the perfect candidate, and we make that passion accessible to more businesses through providing them with the ability to pick and choose and only pay for the recruitment elements that they require.

Ok let’s start with the standout results – unimpeachable. Then move to the complete revision of the traditional recruitment model; no easy thing to identify and move to. I applaud the focus on smart tech to create capacity for trusted advice and the simplicity of the vision – key to truly innovating. 

Feedback from SEEK Judges

Thank you again to everyone who has helped to make Harrison McMillan a success.

For further information on how Harrison McMillan’s flexible Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solution can help you identify and hire the right people, please contact us on 08 7071 7273.