Is export the future of South Australia’s economy?

On Wednesday 3rd February Harrison McMillan attended ‘Access to Global Markets Forum’ hosted by the Department of State Development and Brand SA.

There was an excellent turnout of over 300 South Australians who were eager to hear from small business owners on how they have succeeded in global markets.

The energy in the room was highly optimistic with numerous business owners keen to learn how they too can export their products and services. Thus it poses the question – Is export the future of South Australia’s economy?

While there is no easy answer to this question there were some great statistics and case studies that came from the event that brings us closer to an answer and hopefully inspires companies to take action.

The key takeaways were;

  • The pace and scale of our economy has changed and in turn we need to adapt and be flexible in our solutions. We need to think differently about the way we approach business and consider new and smarter ways we can run our businesses, engage services and ways we can be scalable ready for growth.
  • There are numerous global and international influences around us that we need to be aware of and reflect on how these affect us and our business. How does the low interest rates or dropping Australian dollar affect your business?
  • There are some great reasons to be in business at the moment but do you understand the ‘why’ of your business and is it relevant to the market demand?
  • The food industry in South Australia employs approximately 65,000 people in South Australia and this number will grow with export. Automotive only contributes to approximately 10,000 employees.

And a key statistic:-

  • 97% of South Australian businesses are small business and employ less than 20 people.

That is an interesting number! If 97% of SA is made up of small businesses then are we the short and long term solution to increasing the SA economy, independent of export?

Harrison McMillan is a South Australian owned and operated business and we have created 8 new roles in our business in the last two years. With the support of our clients we feel we are strongly contributing to the success of SA through our strategic plans which include growing in Adelaide, employing new staff and buying from other South Australian business.

How many of your partners and suppliers are South Australian? Is there an opportunity for you to open the door to a South Australian business and contribute to the future of our economy? We really hope so.

Think differently about the way you hire and contact Harrison McMillan to find out how we can assist your future growth plans. Contact us today on 08 7071 7094.