Harrison McMillan Chooses SA and Why You Should Too!

Harrison McMillan is a proud South Australian owned and operated business and member of Brand South Australia. Over the past couple of weeks we have been delighted to embrace the recent campaign run by Brand South Australia – I Choose SA.

The objective of I Choose SA is to;

  • Drive sales of South Australian products and services throughout the supply chain
  • Build on South Australian pride – remind consumers and businesses when they choose local products and services they are supporting the South Australian economy and its people
  • Help small businesses and consumers identify South Australian products and services
  • Encourage consumers to actively look for South Australian products and services when buying
  • Increase consumer confidence
  • Increase jobs via increase in demand

Naturally working within the recruitment industry, this got us thinking about the South Australian economy and job market.

The health care and social assistance and retail sectors both play an integral role in South Australia by being the largest employers in the State. This was closely followed by the manufacturing industry however, the once booming sector in South Australia has undergone a significant downturn affecting thousands of jobs and having a flow on effect to many other industries the last few years.

So is it all doom and gloom for SA? Or are there companies experiencing growth and success in South Australia? Absolutely, South Australia’s economy continues to change moving towards technically based services and smarter ways of doing business, resulting in employment in more ‘skilled’ occupations across industries. Over the past five years, most of the State’s employment growth has occurred in the following industries: health care and social assistance, mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing, accommodation and food services, education and training, public administration and safety, professional, scientific and technical services and retail trade.

The I Choose SA campaign reminded us of the number of prosperous SME South Australian businesses which are operating within the State and have grown to operate at a national and even international level.

So why should you choose SA?

When you actively purchase or utilise the services of a local company, you are directly supporting the local economy and its people throughout the supply chain from producers, manufacturers, service providers through to retailers and businesses. Additionally, there are benefits to be capitalised upon for businesses looking to re-locate their Head Office to SA.

In comparison to our neighbours, South Australia can offer corporations affordable rental accommodation within the CBD. The mean salary for most roles is generally lower due to the lower cost of living when compared to our eastern counterparts. Additionally, quite often there are lucrative tax breaks accessible in South Australia for large corporations.

Furthermore, talent can be researched, sourced and attracted to Adelaide due to the high standard of living experienced here. Adelaide has been ranked in the top five most liveable cities in the world by Lonely Planet two years in a row!!

Many large corporations have chosen to re-locate their head offices to Adelaide taking advantage of the benefits the state has to offer. Recently, Babcock International announced they are re-locating their Australasian headquarters to Adelaide, further strengthening South Australia’s bid to be the defence hub of the nation. This follows recent successes of Oz Minerals and Hillgrove Resources who have recently also moved their head offices to SA.

Harrison McMillan are currently contributing to the growth of South Australia by working with organisations to identify and hire the right people to help their business grow. We do this by offering a flexible Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solution which can be tailored based on your needs and your budget. Due to our advanced technology we are able to run our high level recruitment process from Adelaide to service any business no matter their size, budget or location, which has allowed Harrison McMillan to expand nationally and internationally in less than three years!

As Harrison McMillan continues to expand interstate and internationally, the core of our business will still proudly remain locally in South Australia because Harrison McMillan chooses SA!

If you work for a South Australian business or a business which has a strong connection to the State and would like to register your organisation to the I Choose SA campaign follow the link:

Additionally, if we have help you identity and hire great talent to help your business grown then please contact us on 08 7071 7094.

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