Happy Mother’s Day from Harrison McMillan! 6 things our team have learnt from our Mums which apply in the workforce

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we are taking the opportunity to talk about the significance of our own organisation’s name, ‘Harrison McMillan’…

The Directors of Harrison McMillan, Jodi Walton and Dani Cuff, have always been inspired by their Mums Patricia Walton nee Harrison and Barbara Bieg nee McMillan, so much so that when they started their disruptive recruitment business in 2013 they decided to name it after them! It’s a way to say “thank you” to their Mums for their amazing and inspiring effort they made in bringing them up and for teaching them to believe that they could do anything they put their minds to. Patricia and Barbara both gave up a lot for their children and they were always exceptionally proud of them, just simply for doing their very best.

This week the Harrison McMillan team has been reminiscing on their own childhood experiences, which has got us talking about our Mums and how much all of them have positively contributed to the people who make up our team today.


Chantelle Minervini, Recruitment Partner in the Harrison McMillan team interviewed the team to hear more about the lessons we all learnt from our Mums.

Here is a list of the top 6 things we have learnt from our Mums that we apply in the workforce;

1. Tenacity – “My mum has a unique ability to make me believe in myself, even when the going gets tough. She taught me that saying, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’. She taught me to never give up and to keep going no matter what! In all of us, is a burning fire in our stomach’s to achieve something. It might be to successfully achieve our commission or it may be to reach our next promotion but tenacity is one of the keys to reaching our goals both personally and professionally.” (Lauren Sweetman)

“My mum drove me to so many basketball trainings and basketball games when I was growing up.  I’ve only really started to appreciate all those Saturday and Sunday mornings she gave up!  She wanted me to do what I enjoyed and made me happy but she also knew the value of team work and of working hard at what you do, over and over again until you get it right.” (Jodi Walton)

2. They taught us how to Dress – “Now don’t get us wrong, here at Harrison McMillan we do not dress like our mothers… but our mothers did teach us how to match outfits, how to put ourselves together and how to look professional. At times we all wish we could come to work in our PJ’s but our mums taught us this just was not on! They taught us that it is important to take pride in the way we present ourselves. After all the way you look is your first impression to the world, so dress professionally for the workplace, brush your hair, tuck your top in and clean your shoes.” (Dani Cuff)

3. Humility – “Manners say a lot about a person (they greatly contribute to developing a first impression). In defeat, my mum taught us to congratulate the winner and she taught us to accept triumph graciously. In the workplace, I make an effort to celebrate team and business wins no matter how big or small. I am very proud of the achievements Harrison McMillan has made so far and look forward to celebrating further successes in the future.” (Lauren Sweetman)

“Putting yourself in other peoples shoes and try and see things from the other’s perspective was always a big favourite of my mum’s.  As well as “two wrongs don’t make a right”.  Great advice and not always the easiest to follow but I always hear it in my mind before I react to something!” (Jodi Walton)

4. Desire for learning – “Mum tried to instill in me that while there may be so many things you know and so many things you can pass onto others, there is always someone out there that can teach you something new. So you should always be open to being taught by someone else, or be eager to seek someone out who can teach you more. This has been a very useful tool in expanding my expertise and knowledge of the recruitment industry and with Harrison McMillan.” (Anthony Scholfield)

5. Responsibility – “As a kid I was put to work with a range of chores provided by mum each week – at times I was lucky enough to be rewarded with a bit of pocket money! This taught me the importance of being accountable to follow through on the tasks we were given, taking pride in completing things in a timely manner and  learning how to save or spend… depending on how you look at it. At work you should take responsibility and accountability in what you do, take self-pride when you deliver a task well and feel a sense of accomplishment when you receive that pay check…oh and maybe save if you can….or buy shoes!” (Dani Cuff)

6. Ambition – “Mum always taught me that you shouldn’t settle for what is immediately available to you. You should always push yourself and try harder to achieve what seems impossible in order to reach goals. At the end of it all you will have more positive experiences to reflect back on. I use this in all facets of life whether it was when I first decided to move overseas or when I decided to pursue my passion for people and chase a career as a recruitment professional with Harrison McMillan.” (Anthony Scholfield)

“Whilst growing up, I was exposed to the hard work and effort my mum exerted into all things related to work… and this has influenced me to work hard also. Whether it be through sewing my dancing costumes until the early hours of the morning or through her own career as a teacher for over 20 years. My mum has taught me that hard work and persistence can result in great success and happiness. I have been able to apply this through graduating from my Human Resource Management degree, through persisting to achieve great results and never losing sight of the end goal.” (Paige Folland)


We wanted to take this opportunity to wish Barbara Bieg, Patricia Walton, Leonie Sweetman, Debbie Scholfield, Yvonne Folland, Leanne Smith, and Amy Grantham, the Mum’s of the Harrison McMillan team, a very Happy Mother’s Day!

We hope all Mums out there have a great day on Sunday and get spoilt.

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