Business Models disrupting the business world

A few weeks ago, one of the Harrison McMillan Directors attended Business Architect and Coach, Andrew Leunig’s, “Future Shock 2015” event which had a focus on the business models which are currently disrupting your world.

As a disruptor in the recruitment industry, this seminar really supported our unconventional business model highlighting how creating a business model around trust and ease of transaction is the way of the future. Thus we thought it would be worth sharing a few key learnings from this event.

Learning 1: Stemming from the increase in technology, consumers in today’s world will tend to rely more on a fellow consumers opinion through Social Media ratings and comments, rather than institutional statements.

Learning 2: More and more businesses are thinking differently in relation to optimising the access available to services and products, rather than ownership. They understand that they do not need to own a service, like IT or recruitment, when they can affordably access it by experts when they need it.

Learning 3: A shift in trust has occurred, people now not only need to trust institutions but also have peer trust and trust the person who will be facilitating the services. This has resulted in the two major driving factors for business models being “Trust” and “Ease of Transacting”.

Learning 4: A key business which was focused upon in this seminar was Uber Taxi’s – a $40 Billion Start-Up company I’m sure you’ve heard of. Their business model was generated simply through the idea of copying and pasting business model elements to create a new model disrupting taxi businesses globally. Their model is a complete opposite reflection of taxis and look how this worked for them.

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