6 Tips To Stop Your People From Keeping Their New Years’ Resolution

What’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2018? Lose weight? Stop smoking? Get fit? Get a new job? All of the above? According to The Huffington Post, an astonishing 84% of people they surveyed want to get a new job in the New Year. Like the majority of New Years’ Resolutions this desire may go the way of the 6am gym sessions and be over before it’s begun – but what if this time they really do mean it? What does this mean to you and your business?

We all know that an increase in a company’s turnover has a direct effect on the revenue, profitability and the overall productivity of the workforce, not to mention putting your own plans for the year on the backburner while you work hard to fill the gaps left. So what can you do about it right now, before the desire becomes an action? Here’s 6 things that you might like to think about which may save some New Year Resolution pain, in a good way.

Key things companies can do right now are:

1. Communicate a positive message for 2018 and talk about all the exciting initiatives that will occur in the New Year. If your people hear that exciting things are on the way, it will engage their imagination and they will want to be a part of what’s coming.

2. Engage your employees in planning their 2018 projects before they leave on their Christmas break. People are generally more inclined to want to see projects through, so get them started now on the planning phase to make sure they are shaping the role they will be playing in your organisation in the New Year.

3. Have a one on one review session with your key staff before they go on Christmas leave and “take their pulse”. Re-iterate the positive things they have contributed in 2017 and show them your appreciation for their contribution. People often leave an organisation if they are not feeling appreciated for their efforts.

4. Take the time to do an environmental scan and look at similar organisations and what benefits they are providing their people. Review the salary structures within your organisation and make sure they are at least on par with industry standards. Look at additional benefits or work life balance options to motivate your staff. If they think they’ve got it good they will hesitate to look elsewhere.

5. Collect input from your staff on what they enjoyed about working for the company in 2017. Too often organisations ask employees what they would like to see changed or improved rather than asking them to identify, and therefore re-enforce, the enjoyable factors the company is providing.

6. Celebrate! Make sure you finish the year off with a good ole’ fashioned celebration and take the time to smell the roses with your team. Reflect on the successes of 2017, throw in a bit of champagne, and encourage the camaraderie that is so crucial for successful teams and engaging your people.

Written By Jodi Walton and Dani Cuff. For more information on how to engage your people, please contact Harrison McMillan –