Where the jobs are and how to get them – FiveAA Interview with Jodi Walton

On Wednesday this week, our Co-Director Jodi Walton was again invited into FiveAA radio to discuss her views on the current job market in South Australia and to provide advice to Year 12 students who may be entering the job market.   Click on the audio link below to hear the interview in full and also see the 6 key growth sectors in South Australia from research undertaken by Harrison McMillan.



6 Key Growth Sectors in South Australia

  1. Technology and Creative Industries
    This is already a buoyant industry locally and the announcement of the Federal Government to commit 1.1 billion to innovation and science will continue to drive opportunities in this area. Technology is increasingly underpinning everything we do, career opportunities are boundless and if you are going to university, then seriously consider a degree in technology or adding it as a second degree to really give you the edge.


  1. Retail
    Why not turn that part time job in career? There is a true career path in retail, particular within the larger organisations. With the arrival of the Aldi supermarket chain, Foodland planning to expand and the Peregrine Corporation, which operates the On the Run chain, in a real growth phase, there is enormous scope to gain some valuable customer relation skills and build a long term career in this sector.


  1. Defence
    This could be a fantastic career path for many young people and with the imminent decision on the Future Submarine project, there is likely to be an urgent need for both skilled and unskilled labour.


  1. Resources
    This industry is not just about mining and there are positive signs that the State Government is moving its focus to investment in renewable energy alternatives. The mining jobs might not be there in abundance but this sector of our economy remains strong and it will need labourers, tradespeople, scientists, engineers, and IT experts as it continues to diversify.


  1. Food and Wine
    This will continue to flourish and thanks to a lower Australian dollar, will be actively employing staff to help cope with export demand and the push into lucrative Asian markets. An enormous Food Park near Parafield Airport is also close to construction and that will be a fantastic provider of much needed jobs in our northern suburbs.


  1. Health and Ageing
    This rounds out the list and will be a key employer thanks to our State’s ageing population. Demand for skills across health services will remain solid and with areas such as the new North Terrace Health Precinct which includes the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the research facility at SAMHRI, we expect this area to stay buoyant as a job provider for many years to come.


And some simple tips to get the job:

  • Make sure your resume is clear, relevant and has had a proper spelling and grammar check. Don’t forget to include part time jobs, volunteer work, academic and sporting achievements.
  • Check your social media profile and remove any content that may be off-putting to a potential employer.
  • Activate your network by letting people know you are looking for a job as lots of opportunities come via word of mouth.
  • Follow up your application with a phone call to show your interest.
  • Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up. The hardest part is getting your foot in the door.
  • If you miss out, ask for feedback about where you went wrong to help improve your chances for next time.
  • Don’t give up – perseverance is the key.


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