Job Advert bullet points vs reality (what they actually mean!)

Ever applied for a job advert and it just sounded amazing, but when you went in for an interview the environment did not match your expectations?

You are not alone!

Our team has put together some innuendo they have noticed recently in job ads, check out what they say vs what they might really mean!

  1. Fast paced rapidly changing environment = Completely disorganised
  2. Work hard play hard = They want you to work long hours….. for wine or beer!
  3. Close knit team = Good chance of getting COVID 19
  4. Flexible working environment = They will provide you the technology to work anywhere…anytime…all the time!
  5. Exciting and challenging role = We have a whole lot of problems we need you to fix
  6. Competitive salary = We need to pay you well because this job is hard
  7. Immediate start = Somebody please come help us now! NOW!
  8. Move from the mundane into the fast lane = Your current job is boring this one is better
  9. Career advancement opportunity = They will pay you less for a more senior role!
  10. Hit the Ground Running! – You’re going to have to do all the hard work with minimal training, sink or swim!!!

Have any more to share? – please add to the comments…we would love to hear yours as well.

The Harrison McMillan Team