How to Partner with a Recruiter

How to Partner with a Recruiter Effectively

Searching for a new role can be an incredibly daunting process, where just the mere thought of getting your CV and cover letter in shape is enough to make you think twice about going through with it. That’s why it’s no surprise that people turn to recruitment agencies to help with their job-hunting. Ultimately, working with a recruiter should not only ensure a better outcome but also make life easier. There are, however, a number of measures that can be undertaken to maximise the benefits  and reap the rewards. Here are our top tips to ensure your relationship with your recruitment consultant is as efficient as possible.

Help Us Help You

Candidates who have determined what they want already will be in a better place when it comes to the initial meeting. By establishing career objectives, communicating the next steps will be clearer and we will be in a stronger position to help.

As recruitment experts, our aim is to make sure we find roles that not only align with your future career plan, but fit culturally, too. It’s worthwhile reflecting (prior to any prospective meeting) and assess the positives and negatives from previous jobs. What was motivating? What hindered any growth? Think about the end goal for your career and work backwards to ascertain any potential next steps.

Using a recruiter also means taking heed of our feedback. We have ears close to the ground and know the attributes that our clients are seeking in an ideal candidate. Be confident in our knowledge when it comes to carving out a winning application with each of the following steps:

  • Your CV/cover letter.
  • Your interview preparation.
  • Your skillset and whether you’re applying for the right roles.

Remember, that transparency and honesty is key when working with a recruiter. Let us know of any concerns in past tenures that could raise red flags. It might be a long gap in employment or a position that you won’t be able to get a reference from. Either way, if we know the complete story, it’s easier to address it from the outset, rather than having to deal with any unexpected surprises further down the line.

Get in Touch

Sending a cover letter and a CV provides the foundations for most job applications. Nevertheless, to increase your chances of standing out, it’s best to treat interactions with recruitment agencies like you would any other interview. Instead of simply forwarding a CV or sending blanket emails, introduce yourself, make calls to find out more about roles you are interested in and try to make a personal connection. This will all go a long way towards showing people that you have a genuine interest.

Meeting with a recruiter face-to-face is always best. This is how we are able to get to know you thoroughly and gain a better understanding of your personal attributes. From this insight, it’s easier to help find a company and culture that you can flourish in.

Stay in Touch

We feel that keeping talent updated on the progress of their applications is an essential component of working with a recruiter, and our responsiveness is something that we’re proud of. That being said, don’t hesitate to call. Particularly if circumstances have changed, it’s always best that we know so that everybody is headed in the same direction.

Even after placement, it’s always a good idea to check in from time to time – you never know when their expertise might be needed. Although we might not be able to assist currently, it’s likely that you’ll be on the lookout for a new job at some point in the future.

Have an Open Mind

As professionals in recruitment, we’re always looking for roles that match your personality, values and fit, not just your skills and experience. The value we bring as an independent consultant is that we can offer independent advice on a specific job that we believe could be a great fit. It might be a role that takes you by surprise or one that you would never have considered!

While you should never take a job that you aren’t 100% comfortable with (this will just mean that you’re on the market again in six months!), it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind. There is often something below the surface that you can’t see until you meet the employer and it may just tick all the right boxes.

Closing Thoughts

Finding a new job is not a decision to be made lightly. If you need some help steering you in the right direction, using a recruiter is a quick-fire method to get the ball rolling on achieving your career goals. For career advice, or help in finding your perfect role, get in touch with the Harrison McMillan team.