Harrison McMillan are SEEK’s 2016 Most Innovative Recruitment Agency of the Year!

That’s right! We’re proud to announce that Harrison McMillan have won the Most Innovative Agency of the Year award at the SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards for 2016! We want to give a big thank you to all our clients, families, friends and supporters – we wouldn’t have made it here without you!

We are so proud of what we have achieved over the last three years and are so thankful for our wonderful, hardworking team. Everyone on our team has been instrumental in achieving this award because each individual plays an important role in making our recruitment agency a success. Our success can be traced back to our dedication to our ultimate goal – disrupting the recruitment industry. We knew there was an opportunity to improve transparency and affordability, and believed that size and budget shouldn’t be a barrier to organisations accessing external recruitment expertise.

Having the right people working for your business is crucial to your long term success. We created Harrison McMillan to fill the gap in the market for an affordable yet trustworthy recruitment solution. Our team is passionate about helping businesses identify the perfect candidate, and we make that passion accessible to more businesses through a transparent, Pay-As-You-Go system.

Our range of services allow you to outsource time consuming recruitment process tasks. We assess resumes, strategically source top talent and conduct reference checking, allowing you to focus on your core capabilities and feel confident that your next hire will be the perfect fit. Additionally, our service offerings expand to contracting placements, executive recruitment and human resources consulting.

This award is a great acknowledgement of how our highly effective yet affordable outsourced recruitment model is making a difference in the market. It showcases our ability to assist organisations to identify and hire the best people to grow their business.

An impressive approach to a traditional model… Your innovation has broken the paradigm and your impact appears very tangible. Feedback from SEEK Judges

Winning this award at a time of such high unemployment is added cause for celebration. We have worked with over 120 clients and grown our team to 9 members, with revenue numbers doubling year on year. We know this award means we are doing something right, and that what we are doing is something that’s needed and valuable. Our clients keep coming back to take advantage of more of our services, so we know not only is our innovative outsource model making a difference, but our delivery and people are just as exceptional.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped to make Harrison McMillan a success.

Are you interested in speaking to one of our team about filling your next vacancy and experiencing the power of our model for yourself? We’d love to hear from you.

For further information on how Harrison McMillan flexible Pay-As-You-Go recruitment solutions can help you identify and hire the right people, please contact us on 08 7071 7094.